Christmas Night Market in Town of Odiongan

Sunday, we have  a class in the afternoon, but I didn’t go to school because I am not really feeling well, so I asked my friend W to excuse me in class, with an excuse letter. It will be our first meeting after our teacher didn’t show up last Sunday to school, and as expected only a few students attended the class, good thing they didn’t do some lessons just some chit chats.

Now a day, Facebook is becoming a big help in spreading information and it was through Facebook that we have heard that the Christmas market in Odiongan opened last night. My mother, sister and I checked it out last night and it was bigger than the previous night markets in the town of Odiongan, there are many stalls and business owner who participated this year.

We walked through the stalls of clothes, toys, accessories and etc. before reaching the food stalls at the other end, it looks like they were the same food stall at first glance, but then at second look you will notice that there are some new stalls added and as expected the smoothie of fresh fruits was the most popular stalls.

We sat along the benches where many people were seated inside the Children’s park, there are some young people dancing, kids playing, older people chitchatting, people  taking pictures and etc., The park was adorned too with beautiful and big lanterns, as I have heard from a cousin there will be a  lantern contest but as the youth president in our barangay had said the judging will be on the 15th.

We just wander a bit among the Christmas lanterns and decided to go home while the opening program was just starting.

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A Traditional Filipino Dessert: Leche Plan

Organic eggs are being sold in the town market today and my sisters workplace (their coop farm) started to produce them, the other day she came home with two trays of organic eggs, she was asked by our mother to order and buy them. Organic eggs are a bit expensive compared to free-range eggs, but as it says they are healthier to eat because the chickens were fed with organic feeds and no antibiotics used in them.

organic eggs

Having too many eggs at home, my mother decided to cook leche plan, so she asked me to wash her large steamer and as she started cracking the eggs, I have noticed, she can’t separate the yolk and the whites properly, so I told her that I will do it. I have mastered separating the yolks and the egg whites because I have been doing that for almost five years in Korea, when preparing J’s meal after work.

Steamed Leche Plan

As my mother mixing the ingredients, she asked me to buy another can of condense milk in the store as well as cream, but since the latter isn’t available, when my BIL came home they went to town to buy it. Instead of using the gas range we used charcoal to steam the custards.

Leche Flan is a popular and easy-to-make Filipino custard dessert. It is made-up of eggs and milk with a caramelized sugar on top.


  • 12 egg yolks
  • 1/4 brown sugar
  • 3 cans of condense milk (306ml each)
  • 1 can of creamdensada (410ml)
  • 1 pack of Nestle All Purpose Cream (250ml)

leche plan, smooth leche plan recipe


  1. Create a mixture by mixing the egg yolks (with one egg whites), condense milks, creamdensada, a little bit of sugar and all purpose cream
  2. Add some brown sugar at the traditional oval llaneras and preheat them until the brown sugar burnt
  3. Add the mixture at the llanera and steam them until cook
  4. Let it cool and refrigerate

The leche plan we made was very sweet and smooth in texture, it was just a little bit hard to remove them upside down from llaneras that’s why they have cracks.

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End of Life Signs: Sensing Your Own Death

Older people often say, when someone is nearing to death, they can sense and feel it without knowing, maybe that is why sometimes there are people who is able to give their last words. Since my grandmother died, it has been frequently in my mind to choose the song I wanted the funeral car to play in my own burial, I am even thinking what would be my dress and coffin would be (but I have thought I can’t be choosy with it), I have already a few songs in my mind. I am telling myself to have them ready in my desktop, but I have been procrastinating and I have been bargaining again to Divine presence not right now, I am not ready yet, so no wonder I am not making a playlist for it. It reminds me the times when J and I were traveling, the thought of writing all my account passwords suddenly came to my mind every time we are on the plane thinking at least my family can access them when I am gone, I bargained as well that time to just let me create a document for it, well I have been writing them slowly today not because I am preparing but because I am being forgetful of my passwords (haha).

Crow, Raven, Bird, Black, Animal, Nature, Feather, Death

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This morning, I woke up with a pain the in left side of my brain what I mean inside the head beyond my skull. What had happened? I was dreaming when suddenly I felt something crawl into my skin and it woke me up shocked and surprised that it runs in my head, maybe if I am older and have a high blood pressure problem I could end up getting a stroke. I don’t know if it is real or I was just dreaming too that something is crawling in my skin, anyway, it reminded me to pray.

Anyway, there is no class today because it is declared non-working holiday and it was a good thing because I am not feeling well.

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Decision Making and Your Personal Values

One of the hardest things to do in life is to decide, as Libra I am indecisive by nature. I could choose something and then regret it afterwards, but usually when I made a wrong choice, I either look at the bright side or live with it in misery (lol).

Our lesson last night was about morality and values. We are given a scenario to choose what we value the most or what is our values towards a certain situation. The example given by our teacher was, in the same night you have a church commitment and there will be a championship battle of the band where you happened to be the most important member of the band, the vocalist. Where you will go, to the church or to the band competition?

Through the topic, I remember some situations in my life that I have to choose what to prioritize first. It happens, one Sunday when I was already inside the church, then I was called to go out and was told that a Christening will be held that day (in a different church/religion) and as one of the Godparent of the child I have to be there. So what I did? I have decided to return inside the church and finished the service, I am already attending the church before I was told of the Christening, I have seen the mother the day before and she didn’t inform me about it.

Image result for decision making and personal values

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The second time, I have to make a decision was, when the church celebrated Thanksgiving Sunday , and it was voted by many to have a Sunday service in the resort hall and celebrated it over there than making it inside the church. I really don’t skip Sunday service, but I did that day, because I am not comfortable with their decision and it doesn’t agree with my moral values. What I did, I went alone in the church and pray while everyone is in the resort celebrating.

Another time, I have to make the decision was quite different from the first two decisions I made. The mountaineering group I am affiliated with has a scheduled climb and that is Sunday, contrary to my first two decisions I went hiking, Pastor E wasn’t around that Sunday and the service was left to young people who doesn’t really prepare sermons prior to this, they are more into singing and interpretative dancing. And since the founder of the mountaineering attending the church during Sabbath most of the scheduled climb were Sundays, and I climbed with them with another two Sundays, but recently they scheduled another Sunday climb and I decided to go to church instead of going with them.

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