A Blessed Sunday: The Greatest Commandments (Love and Relationship)

It was the first Sunday of the month and as usual the church service started very early.  Pastor E invited a new speaker in the person of Reverend R, he preaches in three languages, English, a bit of Tagalog and a bit of local dialect from his place of service but he speak mostly with English language.

The scripture reading was found in Matthew 22: 34-40 with a scriptural topic of Congregational Health. It tells about the Greatest Commandments, how a Pharisees expert in the law asked Jesus what is the greatest commandment in the Law.

Reverend R focuses on relationship and love, God’s love to us, our love to God and our love for one another. He says, it is very hard for everyone to ask for forgiveness because of the so called PRIDE. The person who first asked for forgiveness and fixes a relationship wasn’t always the sinner; mostly it was someone with love in his heart. He added relationship is an important teacher, so we should be mindful with our relationship to God and to our neighbours. A good relationship with God but with no meaningful relationship with fellowmen doesn’t do good; in vertical aspect it has no power if we didn’t fix our relationship with others.

Reverend E says that the foundation of every relationship is love and the essence of foundation of relationship is God.  He aslo says love is more important than understanding and mysteries. Love enhance and increased the harmony, love is not become angry.  We are expert in adding pain in someone’s heart so he challenge everyone to be mindful with our relationship because what’s the point of collecting bad feelings when it doesn’t do good to us, it will just make us old. Reverend E ended his preaching by telling that let God take care for ourselves and let us take care with one another.

Christ is our peace, those who are divided are made one. Christ has broken down the barriers of separation by His death and has built us into one body, with God. To whomever repents and believes, Christ has promised reconciliation. So love as people reconciled.

Reverend E left after preaching since he needs to do another service in the nearby town as speaker. There is a church hopping after the service, and after which the church will go swimming in the well-known beach shore but I didn’t go with them, I went home after the service.

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