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Dream of a Plane Crash and a Young Boy

I have been dreaming lately but I am procrastinated to write about them because of my slow internet connection. I have two dreams last  night and my second dream was  somewhat weird, it started by seeing myself in the middle of a busy market and then I heard a loud sound, an airplane emerged from the sky, it is flying low and uncontrollable and then I heard a crashed sound coming from the mountains. The plane crashed, people immediately run towards the crashed site but I run home to get my camera and informed my friends. What is weird, I wasn’t rushing when I felt like I have too, along the way I saw our college instructor and our house became a school. My friends and classmate went out too look over the smoking crashed site and as I looked over, people are falling down from the sky and then one woman fly over directly to us safely, she is from the plane and she told us that she fly with her friends just to buy something, we agreed to go to the crash site to look and see her friends.

The crashed site is full of smoke and flames, there are already a lot of people and doctors, some passengers are still seated on their seat belt, some suffer burns and crying. One woman had burn on her arm and was told it will take nine months before her burn will heal. It looks like there are a lot of survivors than casualties.

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Then my dream hopped, I have seen myself and my eldest aunt looking towards the field. Water is flowing down to the field from the crashed site, we’ve been analyzing in which field it is flowing and we found out it is on the field my father is currently farming, my father went to the field and I followed. The water stopped and I found a lot of coins in the mud, in my dream they are Euros and I excitedly picked 5 and 10 euros, as I am going out of the mud I heard announcement from the crashed site and a foreign young kid run towards me from the bushes asking for help. I walked home with the young boy and while walking I asked him some question, I was told they’re going for a vacation with his brother, step-sister, mother and two fathers, I wasn’t able to asked if she has also two mothers because we already reached home. On my mind, I have the thought of surrendering the boy to the authorities but there is a thought that I want him to keep for the day. At home I found a cousin in our living room and my grandmother preparing the sleeping mat, the young boy went with me and when I saw my mother I told her I found a survivor, my mother is hesitant and a bit agitated seeing us because she said she already mopped the floor and my dream ended, I woke up feeling cold.

I don’t know what is my dream all about, and who is the English speaking boy, is it possibly Cody?

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Dream About Quarreling With Someone, Feeling Sick Afterwards

Not really feeling well since yesterday, wake up with a bad dream yesterday.  On my dream I am having a word fight with someone (an ajumma) which is in reality a woman neighbor I am good terms with since it was the mother of my friend in grade school, I was so angry in my dream so I think I gnashing my teeth while sleep that I woke with a swollen gums, it looks like my lower tooth cuts through it. Actually, I didn’t noticed that I have blister in my gums until inspected through it last night, my neck hurts too and it is hard to chew, my tonsil is inflamed from drinking icy pineapple juice in the cold weather. I was feeling dizzy so I drink glasses of pineapple juice, thinking the my blood pressure went up suddenly.

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My gums felt a little better after I gargled warm water with salt but the discomfort is still here and the cold weather doesn’t help to make me comfortable today especially with head hurting.

Anyway,  my dream yesterday was so bad that I felt so angry. I really don’t know how the fight started all I know I am already having a word fight with an ajumma, I went home and it was already a bit dark, found my mother and other people in a cottage in the middle of the field, then I saw the weird color big moon rise up in the sky, gray clouds was partly covering the moon then I don’t know how my dream hop in to another location, we are walking in the street and it suddenly rains and we hurriedly look for a shade under the cogon grass and then my dream went to another location, found myself inside a store/pharmacy buying something, my mother came wanting me to buy something but since I already paid in the counter, we decided to do it next time and my dream ended seeing us standing in the aisle near the door looking at the counters and then when I wake up my gums feel weird already.

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Dreaming of an Airplane Crashing

I had the weirdest and scariest dream last night, I saw myself and family inside a plane and presumably J. What is weirdest and scariest was the plane is crashing, the plane is literally going down in full-speed. Everyone is panicking, people are standing and have so much fear, it looks like something is broken within the plane and there is nothing I could do but silently pray. I don’t know how my dream went on being landed safely in an unknown airport,  the plane was stalled directly in the airport door, I hurriedly called and grabbed my family down the plane, I was too scared to stay inside of it, I hurriedly took my passport so I could go to the immigration but there was a chaos, we are told we are not allowed to pass through. The immigration will not stamped our passport and we have to return to the plane so we could fly again, the stewardess was calling everyone to board the plane again, some people did but I didn’t  move, was too scared to be inside the plane again. I would rather suffer in the airport than fly again with the broken plane.

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When I woke up the dream seems real, I felt dizzy and can still feel the dazed. It feels like I rode a full speed roller coaster.

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Dream of Seeing and Talking to Ghost

Every night I am dreaming, I used to journal my dreams but the procrastinated me is so lazy to do it and there are times I forgot what was my dream all about when I wake up or after hour passed. My dream last night was so vivid, saw myself talking to a young female ghost and asking her so many questions. Then a group of men wearing white took me and while walking away from the ghost I am talking with I saw a feet of a man wearing white trousers beside her, I am not able to see his face because I didn’t look up… along the way I saw many ghost, then I don’t know how my dream hop in to different place, the people who took me brought me in front of a house which looks more of a villa and then my dream went to different scenario.

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What is weird, on my dream I am not scared seeing ghost around me while in real life I am scared of them. It reminds me what happened a few weeks ago. It was evening and as I went out the door of our old house to go to the store, in my peripheral vision I saw a person in my left side leaning towards our old house, I saw his eyes looking at me and since I am not expecting that there was a person in that dark corner I cried out in surprised and as I look back to say a word, nobody was there, I am all alone… there was no person in there, it was just a motor bike which is fully covered with coat.

My aunt who owns the store, heard me and asked me what had happened to me because she heard me scream in fear and shocked, so I told her what I saw.

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Dreams, Sleep Paralysis and My Struggle to Wake Up

Sleep paralysis visited me last night, it feels like I was awake but I am not and as expected I have struggled many times to wake up. It feels like I woke up and then I was back again into sleep state and will struggle again to open my eyes. I felt so ice cold that I am trying to turn off the electric fan and I am trying to reach it out so I could wake up, and when I finally wake up, I was startled why I felt icy cold when it is very warm and hot. Does it mean, my body is already losing its warm and I am already leaving it? Anyway, with the little strength I have I forced myself to wake up and get off the bed, went to the bathroom and wash my face and tried not to sleep again because I don’t know if I could wake up myself again.

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Yes, I was so scared to sleep again that I don’t want to close my eyes but due to tiredness I fell asleep and dream. I have seen myself with classmates somewhere, we are holding an umbrella and it wasn’t clear to me if everyone is wearing black. In our back there is a small tiny shack at the foot of the hill, there’s water running, making the ground wet and then my dream hop seeing myself and classmates getting inside our grade 3 classroom but the teacher was different it wasn’t our adviser but another teacher in the same grade. She was very happy and teary eye for us visiting and remembering, she was also thankful to our class president and when I went near our teacher she hardly remember who am I and my dream ended.

In the blink of an eye everything can change. So forgive often and love with all of your heart. You never know when you may  not have that chance again.

When I wake up in the morning I have asked my mother if I am trying to turn off the electric fan because I would like to know if it was a dream or I was really trying to do it. She said yes but I wasn’t satisfied with her answer because I would like to know more of what I did in my sleep state, but as expected they didn’t understand what I had gone through and even gets angry for asking too much details. Nobody is willing to listen, they care less about my story so I told them someone is already dying beside you but they don’t even know and they couldn’t even care.

Oh, should I also mention that the previous night my mother dreamed that I die, someone told her in her dream that I am already dead.

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Dream of Books, A Classroom, A Stage and Walking Through It

Had a weird dream last night, I found myself inside a classroom and an instructor was giving us books in white covered, the books were display up front and we are given a chance to get the book we wanted. I choose and took two books because I was scared that the first book I choose doesn’t have complete pages while the second book I choose was a bit new but has some words written in it from previous owner, it looks like those books were just donated and given to us.

Books, Book, Reading, Pages, Binding

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Then I don’t know else what happened next, I found myself outside the classroom and getting into fight with a female classmate, she hit me twice with a book in the head and it feels quite real. Being driven I fought back but since this classmate was known for being a kind type, I was put to humiliation for fighting back. Then I saw myself below a stage in queue, we are going to walk and ramp in the stage, the classmate I have a fight with went ahead first of me and she received applause from the audience and when it was my turn nobody applause’s and it feels like I am being ridiculed for doing something bad, I walk and do turns while in stage and then when I reached the other end, I hide and cried under a long table, I felt bad on how I am treated by many, below the table between sobs I am undressing the shirt I am wearing to wear something new. The floor is full of snow melting and it is a bit cold, I noticed that my bag was on the way when someone older, pretty and popular came, I hid so I won’t get noticed.

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I don’t know how my dream hopped seeing myself in an apartment, it looks like the apartment we had in Icheon with a Japanese sliding door, it was very clean like it was just like an empty room but near the door where am I standing there was large boxes. Someone I knew was cleaning and I was asked to continue doing it… and I wake up with a feeling of discomfort, pain and rejection.

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Dream of Searching a Room in an Apartment Hotel

The other night, I had a dream that my family and I was in establishment that looks like an apartment hotel  we are carrying bags and we are looking for a family room, I am climbing a stairs looking at the doors of the rooms while mentioning the floor. Then my parents and sister went inside one room and says it was the room we are looking for, but I am not satisfied and continuously looking. I went to the room my family went in and it was quite small with one bed so I told them it was not the room we reserved, and while going out the room two doors open from both sides, a woman and a man came out from the two different door it looks like they were both going to a shared bathroom.

Holiday House, Summer House, Home, Country House

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Anyway, I lead my family to the room I have found down below, this room was a little bigger with two beds then I don’t know else what happened but I found ourselves in a hallway where we met an old man cleaning or fixing something, I asked him if he knew the room we are looking for and then he pointed a well-groom house across the green backyard and my dream ended.

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Dream of Cat and Snake Fighting

It was been a long time since I write about my dreams because I tend to forget them, when I wake up we’ve been busy collecting water and when it is time for me to sit and write about the dream I had at night I can’t remember what is it already. Wasn’t updating everyday as well since there isn’t something interesting happening in my life. I just stayed home, sleeping and watching TV.

Cat and Snake Fighting

Anyway, last night, my dream was a bit violent and scary; I saw my cat and white-greenish snake fighting in the field. The snake attacked my cat twice but he managed to move away although I don’t know if he was bitten. The snake was quite long and large; his was body taller than the bushy fields. Scared with what I have seen, I run back home but then I saw a what looks like a dead snake being coiled/tied in a post that made me scared and I already forgot the rest of my dream.

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Dream of Kitten, Bus Leaving the Sea and Being a Motorcycle Passenger

It was been a long time since I blog about my dreams, I have been dreaming lately but when I wake up in the morning it is getting hard for me to remember what’s my dream all about. Last night I had a long dream; it started seeing myself in a hut with my family and relatives. It seems like someone is getting married and everyone is busy preparing, I saw myself in adjacent room tending my kitten and then I saw in the window that someone in black cape passed by chasing another being in superhero dress. I went to another room where everyone is busy, I took with me the kitten since I found a set of poop where she’s on leash, and my mother scolded me for bringing the kitten since it might poop as well in the room.

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Then my dream jump seeing myself being a passenger of a motorcycle I am with my friend E’s parents, it looks like our motorcycle can’t accommodate me and we are all rushing home for something. We are traversing a road along the sea when we saw a ship moving towards the shore and when we passed along the port the ship isn’t a ship but a new bus moving out of water and then we started to panic because we are running out of time, it seems like the bus will pick the passengers with movie tickets along the way.  In a curve road I saw the bus stop to pick the first passengers, they were my friend E’s parents, they are well dressed and that’s where I felt shocked, if I saw them getting on the bus who am I riding with? As what I know I am travelling with them in the motorcycle then the motorcycle stop running, it is broken and the people I am with in the motorcycle is the market vendor whom I always saw growing up since she’s friend with my grandmother, dunno who’s the driver and what’s her relation to him. When the motorcycle stop working I was in frantic because the bus might passed along our house and I am going to miss it, so I have thought to call my sister to picked me since they drive ahead of us but what’s surprising I am now with my friend E.

Then I don’t know how my dream jump seeing myself driving a bike from my friend E’s house and then I went through a church and pray outside, my dream ended when my mother woke me up since I asked her to woke me up early morning so I could use the internet since it is very slow during the day.

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Dream of Seeing a Backpack and Riding Down the Hill

These past few days I wasn’t able to journal my dreams because of procrastination. My dream last night happened somewhere uphill, my classmates came to me and fetch me or invited me to go with them downhill, I have agreed because it feels like I was being held inside the house for a long time and it will be my first time to descend the place and while we are getting ready, there is a not so old woman who came by and the first thing I have noticed was her new black backpack in her back.  I was told she will give it to me if I like the bag so I feel so excited receiving it for free since it was new.

Riding down hill

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Then we board something it isn’t clear if it is a board, wagon or cart, it was a lot of fun going down the slope, the older woman came down with us in a different board with someone, on the way I am able to take a glance at the backpack on her back thinking it is going to be mine for free. When we reached the foot of the hill I have seen an older cousin standing in front of the food cart, she bought some food and included a piece for me but I decided to buy more food and my dream ended.

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