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Popular Street Food in Odiongan Town New Market

It was been a month since I have an update over here, it just came to the point I felt tired writing. Anyway, I will probably post backdated post for Sundays I’ve missed to post. My sister and I went to the town market today, we bought a kilo of fish at the wet market and pieces of bread at the bakery, for our father’s snacks at work.  Nearby the wet market there are two carts of street food, we usually buy to go street food when my sister and I have extra shackles for it.

Tonight they have plenty of lumpiang gulay (vegetable rolls), isaw (chicken’s intestine) and what they called dynamite, a stuffed green chilli peppers like the street food in Korea (gochu twikim) and since it is mouth watering I can’t let it passed. These street foods are always sold out every day and it is rare that they are still available.

Street foods are very popular in the street of Philippines and aside from the food I mentioned above fishballs, kikiam,  siomai, calamares, chicken and meat barbecue were very popular street food too among Filipinos.

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Soon to Open: Jollibee Odiongan

A famous fast food chain “Jollibee” is soon to open in our province mainly in our town, the construction was rush that they’re working until night so they could be opened next month.  They’ve already hired employees, my sister applied but didn’t return on the orientation since there are some papers that are needed the next day and we didn’t let her as well since working in the fast food chain will not boost her resume in the future.


The other day, some staff from Jollibee are visiting house to house offering their opening promo which is you can reserved a ticket costing 650 pesos abou $15 and you’ll get a bucket of fried chicken (6 pieces) and throw pillows which are the fast food chains character, I have heard the chicken has also accompanied with rice and drinks. I initially didn’t reserved since I don’t think I could pay them the money in a few days time but the second time they’ve returned which is just a few days ago to collect payments from the people who reserved slots I’ve decided to take one reservation, it will be my father and sister’s birthday in June so I guess their opening is in a timely manner so I could treat them on their birthdays, isn’t it?

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Town Fiesta and Eating Lunch at Laszaji Grill

It is a tradition/custom in the Philippines to eat lunch in someone else house during fiesta, it was only the time that someone else house is open for visitors without needing an invitation. After watching the ground demonstration in school ground instead of going to my father’s contractor we went to Laszaji grill.

Laszaji grill

Laszaji was a newly opened grill house in town and since it opened they already catered many “chicken inasal” lovers in Romblon. When we arrived inside we sit in the table a bit but there was no food server coming to our table so we concluded we have to order at the counter so we did. They have a variety of menu to order from chicken to fried pork, vegetable dishes. desserts and etc but since Laszaji is well know for their mouth watering “chicken inasal” we ordered four orders of chicken inasal with bottomless ice tea and unlimited rice for ₱89 each and a plate of chopsuey.

Laszaji grill

It is a customary in any restaurant to a serve drink first before the main dish but that was not the case when we had our order, the chicken arrived first in our table, it was served late actually since we’ve waited for more than 15 minutes before it was served in our table maybe because there was plenty of people at that moment since it was town fiesta and it’s lunch time. What’s disappointing was I have already finished my food but there was no drinks coming yet and it turns out there was no clean glass to use. Since it was unlimited rice we asked for another servings, the chopsuey wasn’t served yet at that time but the drinks finally arrived in glasses, chopsuey was only served the second time we have asked for another servings of rice and since we almost choked from thirst the drinks didn’t last so we have to asked for refill since we’ve seen that they personally refill the glasses of our neighbor table instead of giving a pitcher of drinks for tables with bottomless drinks.

Laszaji grill Odiongan

Travelling and eating at different places I have learned to leave something in the table for the server, according to J’s standard if the service is slow it doesn’t deserve any but since it’s town fiesta and the food servers are probably dead tired from walking in and out the kitchen I did. Actually, my parent’s at first doesn’t agreed with it since they both work in a restaurant on their younger years and they knew when a food server deserve something. The food server who was busy cleaning the table behind us was very apologetic of the poor service when my mother handed something to him, it was my mother’s idea to hand it over to him if I do insists on leaving something in the table since he was the one who frequently served in our table, she thought if we just leave it on the table somebody else would take it. LOL

Laszaji grill

Laszaji grill won’t disappoint you when it comes to their food, they’re one of the best in town and their food are in very affordable prices too. Maybe if you went on a different day without a town affair where almost everybody are out of their comfort zone, the service will be different since it won’t be so freaking busy. The grill was made of bamboo and pretty ventilated with wall fans so eating during warmer days won’t be a problem. Laszaji grill also offered catering service on birthdays and any other occasions for affordable rate just contact them at –

Gen. Luna St. Cor. Rosales St. Odiongan, Romblon
Facebook page –
Mobile No. – 0929 853 2973

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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Catered Birthday Party in the Neighborhood

Yesterday afternoon we are invited by  a relative to their house which is just a few meters away from us, the son of my aunt’s brother in-law is celebrating his second birthday. Her brother in-law just came home from abroad and he went home in the province with her wife and two older siblings living in the city to visit my aunt’s husband and family and celebrated his son’s birthday as well in their hometown.

The food was catered, there’s plenty of food for everyone and after eating there are some games for children administered by my older cousin. The kids enjoyed the loots and the food as well as the cash price for the games that were played.

Since my aunt’s backyard was a bit pebbled the kids move in the open field to play sack race and relay, dunno who win since we went home after eating like the most of the invited guests since the catering also packed their things after everyone ate.

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