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Letting Go of My First Ever Blog and Migrating the Contents

Living in Korea through independent visa a few years back means I am not allowed to work and without source income it means I can’t send money home.  My family is my sole responsibility with the help of J’s laptop which I am allowed to use when he is at work I searched for ways to work and earn money at home. I found several blogs that teach me how to earn money online, I tried paid to click sites but the earning isn’t promising and then I found out that it is possible to earn money online by only writing about myself and my daily life and this thing was called blogging. I created my first blog at, a free blogging platform and was able to buy my first domain a year after.

Mentioning about it, my very first domain will bid goodbye soon since I am not planning not to renew it anymore. It’s very regretting because the blog I have to let go has traffic, ranking and thousands of its pages has been indexed by Google. It’s very saddening too but I have to let go of it since maintaining a lot of blogs today isn’t a great idea when I can’t update them all. I have already planned to republished the article in my other blogs according to niche, I have already moved some personal post about living in Korea (2009-2014) over here, so if you’ll notice my archives here there are old posts added in them. I have a lot of personal posts on that blog since it was my first ever domain and my first ever blog in the web, that’s where I post everything about daily living in Korea before this blog came.

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Business is Down: Broken Printer (Paper Jam Problem)

Nothing much happening over here after my aunt’s burial, the water supply is becoming more scarce and the water pumps are drying. The nearby water station can’t supply enough water anymore to their customers so some people are running towards us to buy drinking water, my mother didn’t stop getting purified water in town because we use it for drinking too.

The printer I have bought last year for my family was broken, the paper suddenly jammed and it stopped printing after it prints more than one hundred pieces of program for clan reunion. My family brought it to the repair shop but was told that the printer has 50% chance to be repaired, the repair man could open it and try to fix but we have to pay ₱500 either it is fix or not for his labor so my mother brought home the printer unfix. The repairman suspected that the sensor was broken and if a sensor was need to changed he advised  my family just to buy a new printer because the broken part will cost a brand new printer, he also added that Brother printers are good but they sucks in some aspects, most of the Brother printer brought in his shop has the same issue.

We accept program making and printing and the program for the grand reunion was the first one this year, it wasn’t that profitable but a little something is better than nothing.  We earned ₱1,000 for this transaction but I didn’t get hold any of it since we have bills to pay, it was summer time and the fields are dry so my father can’t plant rice grains in the small field he is minding.

So today, our one source of income at home is dead and it will only resume when we buy a new printer. I have told my family that I can’t shoulder the cost of a new printer again since I have bought the previous one, it is going to be their turn to buy a new one this time which I think is just fair since they’re the one who collect the earnings from printing and program making.

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Attending Direct Selling Annual Convention

Attending event isn’t really cup of my tea I preferred staying home to watch movie or read online but my mother and sister persisted that I should come with them when a direct selling group they were affiliated hosted an annual event. My father has prior engagement too at the same time so I ended up going with them then I won’t be left alone at home doing nothing while everyone is enjoying and eating good food.

Personality Development Demonstration

The annual event was held in beach resort but not everyone could just go there unannounced since you must buy a ticket before the event. The ticket cost ₱200 ($4.33) and it covers food stub for the catered food and the ticket too will give a participants a chance to win a Samsung smartphone in a raffle.

The event was divided in two parts, the first part was Personality Development with Ms. Odiongan Candidates, the candidates ramp one by one and they were included during makeup tutorial and demonstration hosted by Ever Bilena’s representatives headed by Ms. Angelique Marañon the direct sales supervisor for South Luzon, the second part was the proper program, games, giving of gifts and freebies, raffles and announcing of the top sellers, I won a bag as consolation prize in the raffle and few make up freebies from games and answering a question that was asked.

Careline Makeup

Other than Ever Bilena’s representatives, representatives from MSE were also present to introduce their new line of cosmetics which is San san makeup and one person also gives information how to use Maxi Peel properly, then afterwards they offered over 40% discount in San San’s makeup with a chance to win prizes, the makeups can only be bought in cash. We bought one set and when my mother is already getting ready to left since there is only one prize left to be given and people are already leaving, her name was called for the last prize which is single burner stove.

The event was very successful and I learn proper makeup application from Ever Bilena representatives, I will  write about it in a separate post.

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Applying for a Cooperative Loan

The other day someone came to our house for CI process, it was from a cooperative.  My mother loaned an amount so we could pay some bills, it wasn’t a great idea but that’s the only way to get emergency money. The CI person happened to be my father’s batch mate in school and he asked how many children my parents has, then he mistaken me as the youngest daughter and was surprised when my mother told him I am already married so he blurted out why I married early and married first before my sister so I told him I am almost thirty and I am the eldest daughter which I think shocked him that he has to asked my age twice to confirm if I am not joking about my age. LOL

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Anyway, my mother was an old member of the cooperative but it was been almost two years since the last time she loaned from them after I told her to stop borrowing and my father lost his job subsequently but just recently she applied for a new loan but the cooperative subtracted the debt that my mother made from their grocery store a few years back as well as the gallons that were used in retailing water so she only received half of the money she loaned.

The loan is payable in six months but you have to pay installments weekly. If you are an old member a CI process is still needed if it was been a long time since your last loan from the cooperative, they have to investigate if the member is able to pay the loan within allotted time. Their policy changes, since the cooperative is now asking for a collateral items maybe many of the members were not able to pay their loan on time.

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