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Mistaken to be Younger than My Age

Aging is a natural part of life for both men and women, but that doesn’t mean it’s always pleasant. That’s why today there are a lot of anti-aging creams and supplements in the market. Yes, age is just a number but there are times I am thinking what would my life will be when my age is already out of the calendar. Anyway, one of the young sales lady who’s maybe in her 20’s asked what’s my eye grade when we went to town not a long ago, I was wearing an eye glasses that time and then it came to the age thingy. She mistaken me younger than my age and she genuinely thought my younger sister was my older sister which made everyone laughed, my sister blurted how old is she going to be if I was mistaken to be in my early 20’s when I am almost 30’s. My sister felt slighted because it wasn’t the first time she is mistaken to be older than me, the worst once she was mistaken to be a married woman with a child when she is still single and five years younger than me. My mother told her many times to lose weight and put her hair back to black but it looks like losing weight is very hard for her since she ate a lot.

To be mistaken younger than my sister once is a mistake but to be mistaken younger many times  I guess that’s already a fact (lol). Yes, it isn’t the first time that I was mistaken younger than my age and to my sister and what happened today gives me hope that I am not too old yet and age is just a number.

Honestly, I have been looking in the mirror sometimes looking how I age and trying to figure out how I am going to look younger because I already felt very old. Besides from being mistaken younger on my age, some people will always take notice my simplicity especially my older cousins. They sometimes wondered why I don’t dress so well and why I am not so vain like other women especially they know that other women who were married to power ranger dressed well and adorned their selves with jewelries from head to foot and paint their face with colorful makeups. Well, I told them it isn’t me and  I am different but lately I am considering a change while I am still younger rather than do a change when I am already in my 50’s, right?

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Moving to M2 Gym in Shinha-ri

It was almost two months since we moved in Shinha-ri from Icheon downtown and it was been two months since we are working out in this new gym.  Yeah, right before we moved here we surely check if there’s a  gym nearby so when our membership ended on Life Change gym we didn’t renew anymore, it was good too because when the new owner told us that there is no gym in Shinha-ri we know that there’s one.

Life Change Gym in Icheon

You heard it right, Life Change has new owner since last year when we returned from vacation on Chuseok the gym has new owner already, we said it has a new owner not just because of the new guy but also because all of those plants you can see in the gym adorned by colorful sash. Probably the old owner sold the gym.

Anyway  we signed up for six months membership in M2 Gym in Shinha-ri, the first week is life changing I mean we are still looking for the comfort of Life Change, the familiar faces and working equipments.  We worked out in Life Change for almost three years and surely we established a bond with the equipments, haha joke!

Gym in Shinha-ri

M2 Gym is just few steps away from our apartment building which make it convenient for us, I would say they have more equipment but they only have few heavy plates, and most of their gym equipment are older than those in Life Change.  The good thing is M2 gym has a separate rooms for aerobic class if you want to attend one unlike in Life Change there’s none but they have small space for fitness enthusiast to do the stretching and etc.,

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Night Walking Without a Winter Jacket

I have decided to wash my winter jacket the other day because it was been a long time since I washed it and  it is quite dirty already since I took it with me when we travel outside Korea.

When my husband and I will have a short walk he left me at home and told me to follow because I am busy tinkering something in front of my laptop so when I am done with it I immediately run to our closet to look for my jacket, yeah right I forgot that I just washed it that day. Thinking my husband will be angry if I didn’t follow him I just wore my normal sweater and long pants and run so I can tag along with him beyond the cold weather. As I know it is impossible to catch him I took a short cut and I am able to see him after a long run, the coldness I felt was gone.

My husband laugh at me when he saw me as I am panting very hard, and even tell me why I follow when I have no winter jacket to wear. Well if I just knew he won’t be angry probably I will stay at home. And I think winter jacket is not need anymore as I didn’t feel cold after running like crazy.

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Gyms in Icheon

We are working out in the gym 4 days a week and we are member of Life Change gym for almost three years now. When we first arrived here in Icheon there’s only one gym and this is Life Change but since this year 2012 two more new gym recently opened the first one is the RAON Fitness located in RAON palace which is just few meters away from the bus terminal and the second one is M Kick and Fitness which is just a distance from Life Change it is located in the 5th floor of Home Depot.

Life Change has a lot of trainer when we first enrolled for membership it has four or five but today the gym owner is the only one left. We’ve seen one of the old trainer in RAON Fitness dunno where the other went.

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