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Was Bitten by a Sick Kitten and the Kitten Dies

Adopting kittens in the street is normal to our family. How can you ignore a little kitty looking for warm hands that will pet them so whenever we see abandon kitten we brought them home but lately we seldom find one because we don’t go out too often and if we do, we only go to the market.

Early afternoon I have been searching for “Seungheul” he is one of the kittens we found in the garbage pit a few months ago, my sister named them.  It isn’t normal not to see him around since they usually hang out inside our house or in our porch. It was only late afternoon when my sister found him near our grandmother’s bushes, I picked the kitten and he wasn’t in good condition. He is very weak and can’t really move that much, his body is full of sand as well.

It was a few days ago when I am feeding our cats and Seungheul came home wet and shocked; my theory is he fell in the small irrigation in the field beside us since our cats love to hang-out in the grassy field to catch insects. He probably used all his force so he can go home when he heard me calling for food, and since then he looks a bit sick.

Well, seeing the kitten immobile I decided to buy a small pack of powder milk so I can feed him and the other kittens and when I open his mouth the kitten bit me hard in my thumb, I immediately drop the bowl of milk and run in the faucet to wash the wound and let it bleed. It bleed so much and hurt a lot maybe because I was too nervous since the cat that bit me is sick, and we have no knowledge if it was bitten by snake or have any other disease.  After the cat bit me, he started gasping for air and die within few minutes. I let the wound bleed thoroughly and I rub garlic in it and since I am not contented I put betadine as well.

I wasn’t sure if it is brought by nervousness but I felt feverish, my back felt sore and I felt cold a bit so I sleep early. Little did I know I have two bite marks in my thumb and I only treat one bite mark last night so maybe that’s the reason why I feel so feverish, and it made me worry right now since the kitten dies after biting me but my family teased me that it looks like I have stronger rabies than the kitten.

First Aid for Fresh Bite Wound from Webmd

If there is minor bleeding, the skin is barely broken, and there is no risk of rabies:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after treating the wound.
  • Wash the area with mild soap and running water to reduce the risk of infection. Pat dry.
  • Apply antibiotic ointment and cover with a clean bandage or sterile dressing.
  • To reduce swelling, apply an ice pack wrapped in a towel or a cold compress (cloth soaked in cold water) to the bruise for 5-10 minutes.
  • Call your doctor to see if you need to have the bite examined. Always seek medical attention when a child has been bitten in the head.
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Lost and Found a Turtle, Is it Thurty or Not?

It has been a few days already since my turtle pet was gone, swept away by the flood. Today, a first cousin came by to our house and informed me that he saw my turtle in the irrigation, so we followed him and we ended saw a turtle stuck inside with the frogs. It was difficult to reach the turtle so my mother asked me to look for a stick to pull the turtle out, I accidentally tripped over in the irrigation that cause my feet to bleed. The stick didn’t help because the water pressure is big so I took a hollow block to block the water from coming in as well as a flashlight to see the inside of the covered road irrigation; I have also asked my younger sister’s help since I can’t block the water and fish out the turtle at the same time.

Turtle Pet

It took us long time to fish the turtle out, and when I took it out I knew from the spot it wasn’t my Thurty, the turtle is a bit smaller and lighter and has different shell pattern. The turtle is very outgoing too, it was not even scared when I picked it, it didn’t even hide in his shell unlike Thurty who is not socially inclined like me, we both love to hide rather than socializing with people. The turtle we found doesn’t have scratches at the bottom too, Thurty has scratches because we found him in the street after being hit and run by someone’s motorcycle.

Well, I still took the newly found turtle home and kept in on the green pail where I kept my old turtle. I’ve been missing Thurty that every time I feed our pets I always throw a second look at the green pail wishing he didn’t run away.

The new turtle maybe signifies the new me, my new and improved attitude and like Thurty, it was also reminding me to take things slower and wait for right and perfect divine timing before I rush myself out.

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Letting Go of My Turtle Thurty

It rained a lot last night; it was very heavy with thunderstorm and lightning. I am half-awake and half-asleep when my mother wakes me up to look after my turtle. Since I am dead tired to wake up from severe headache, I just whimper and went back to sleep. I had a developing headache before we pay a visit in our second degree cousin confined in a provincial hospital and it became severe when we went home, I think it was from eating barbecue chicken head; it was maybe frozen for a long time so food intolerance strike. I didn’t wake up too because I was a bit lazy and I have thought the turtle can breathe underwater and won’t escape and even if he escape it won’t matter since I am planning to set him free anyway.


This morning, I was still in bed when my mother yelled that my turtle was gone already. I get up and look at the pail where I have kept it, the turtle was really gone and the pail is full of water, although I have already accepted that the turtle might be gone when I wake up in the morning I still look and asked around if anyone see it.  Well, I’ll surely miss Thurty, Baol as my father fondly call him.

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Blackie, the Korean dog

Meet “Blackie”, I don’t know what’s his name I just called him Blackie every time I saw him around the neighborhood. I think the store owner in the corner owns him, because that’s where I saw him at night, he is busy smelling for food in the garbage bag when I throw some egg cartoons, just so lucky I brought my camera as we are going to the gym, he posed for me but he looked quite unhappy. His cute, isn’t it?

Camera Critters

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Japanese Quails

Seeing these critters, what do you think are they? Chicken or quails? The photo below was taken in Mangyongdae House , North Korea. While everyone is busy talking and looking around I am busy running after these critters. 

They are quails but you can mistakenly tell they are chickens because of their long legs as I search online I think I can consider them as  Japanese Quail, a species of quail found in East Asia. They are a migratory species, breeding in Manchuria, southeastern Siberia, northern Japan, and the Korean Peninsula, and wintering in the south of Japan and southern China. They dwell in grasslands and cultivated fields. The plumage of the Japanese Quail is a speckled yellow-brown, with a creamy white strip above the eye. Adults are approximately 20 centimeters in length. The species is abundant across most of its range.

The Japanese quail is used mainly for table and egg production, and is a good dual purpose bird. and guess what Japanese quail eggs have orbited the Earth in several Soviet and Russian spacecraft, including the Bion 5 satellite and the Salyut 6 and Mir space stations. Lucky eggs, huh?

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Camera Critters
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Guard Cat

Maybe you’re wondering if this is just the same cat last week from  Sri Lanka , well its not. They just had the same color, I found this cat in a different place guarding a pair of slippers. Its a custom that when you visit a temple in Sri Lanka have to leave your slippers/shoes outside, you have to enter the temple in your bare feet.
If you don’t have rupees to pay for the shoe booth where a guy will look for your footwear you can just left your them outside, nobody will get it.

Camera Critters

A pet to remember

It’s hard for me to look for a perfect mellow yellow photo today, until I crossed on these photos below. That’s my tiny little pet “Scottie”, he was so cute and small that other people thought he is chihuahua. I love him so much, he was my only little pet that I brought  to town. He was so funny when he walked to the cemented street, it looks like his feet is not touching to the ground maybe because the street feels hot into his tiny little pet feet.
I felt so sad when he get sick and die, I can see it into his eyes he is also sad. He died the moment my sister and I left the house for school and work. Just the moment I step out on our front door where her dog mom also visited him. I can’t still forgot Scottie his little cute eyes, and  his wiggling little tail when I arrived home from work.


Blue Monday Instructions

He was so funny the way he sleep, he sleeps like a human (lol). He loves wearing nail polish into his nails too.

Drunken Master este Cat

Hi everyone, this is Snipey once again. Excuse me for not blogging last Friday this is what happened to me, I forgot its already Friday. I’ll introduce my sister next week, promise. Hik!

I am also joining camera critters because when I visited the link it is already up. Don’t forget to visit me once in a while..cheers!

Camera Critters

Camera Critters – Hungry Cat

Just found this picture in my batch of photos, this is a hungry cat in Korean Folk Village Food Court, while we are eating, this cat is waiting around. I managed to give him a piece of my food in my husband dismay because he said it is improper. My husband became upset of me because when I feed the cat, he accidentally scratch my wrist. 
When we left, he and his girlfriend (cat) jumped into the table eating our left over food.

Camera Critters

Happy Chicken Family

Our backyard chicken…

The little gray one run away I am sure the orange chicken hit him with her beak..

Camera Critters
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