GT: What’s inside my Vanity Kit!

As what I have said on my Nostalgia post I became fashionable since my third year college, became vain too. These are my stuffs, I have a lot of small kits but I am not using them. They’re all fit on my knapsack or shoulder bag, hey I am not bringing them all just one piece in every kind. Lol! I am like a girl scout, I am always ready with my bag, I  bring  my beauty kits but never used them out. Once I do it at home I don’t have more time to retouch, I have two talcs but I am not using them on my face just on my neck and I am not using them either at home. I am just using them when we travel where my snut and perspiration mixed all together. Hehe

My eye make-up is still intact, never used it here. Hubby don’t like me wearing them, I am thinking a giveaway for them but shipping is the problem.  Lol! I have two sets of eye liner and lip liner still unused, my liquid lip color is now solid..hehe. I also have  hair polish, because my hair is so thick and I want it to be flat always.Now I am not going to be startled why most of my bags get ruined, because of these stuffs that I always bring but not using them as always.

Before and after
See the difference? From being fashionable to boyish looks once again. hihihi Nakuu kapag nakita ako ng nanay ko sasabihin non losyang na naman ako. lol

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  1. Mariz says:

    Wow, I also love Sweet Honesty! I have them in sets always, it does make a lot of difference when you wear them in sets 🙂

  2. niko says:

    ay andaming laman ng kikay kit!!!! weeeeeh girl na girl!!

    anyways, thanks for joining GT!!! See u next week, can’t wait to see what’s inside your WALLET! Enjoy your weekend girl!

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