I am a Zeemoh.Info winner!!!

Quote: January 7th

-I announced that the winner to my GIOIA DI VIVERE MINI CONTEST SERIES PART II is Ryanne !!! Her posts are in these two websites: ( 1 ) ( 2 )… You won first prize!!! Please fill out an order form at FEDORA’S FASHION STORE, so I can send you the items next week. 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS !!!

And you read it right again dear readers that’s ME! Toinkz…Well unfortunately Zeemoh.info is down for almost a month now, so I was not able to know that I won the contest but I have this habit to search my name and site in Google, on the second page of Google I have stumble a link from Zeemoh with that sentence three days ago, I was too excited upon knowing it. (tuwa sa galak) My very first time to take home a first prize, of course I have to verified the link, luckily there’s google chrome I am able to read the post even it text-version only. Well in short I contacted Ms. J in her Facebook and in Fedora’s Fashion Store which I didn’t know that she owns it, she replied back to me …
here are the prizes for you!
-1 pc TotalGirl Slambook from Summit Media from Zeemoh.Info
-1 complete Wax-a-Way Kit 200g with 10 pcs of strip cloth from Curve Shop
-1 bottle of 10mL Emu Oil from Curve Shop
-1 furry coin purse (rabbit) from Fedora’s Fashion Store
-10% Discount Card from Fedora’s Fashion Store
-150×150 ad space for 6 months (Poshcraze.Info)
-125×125 ad space for 3 months (Zeemoh.Info)
-200×50 ad space for 2 months (Gretch)
-125×125 ad space for 1 month (SweetMom)
-380×80 ad space for 1 month (MissMaldita)

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