My Cousin’s Wedding: The Stress and the Highlights

It was my cousin’s wedding yesterday, my parents were one of the principal sponsors and my younger sister was one of the bridesmaids and me was one of the visitors. I dress nicely so I won’t be under-dress like the previous weddings of my relatives but I think I over dress because my dress blend with the bridesmaids.

My cousin’s wedding brought a lot of stress to them, days before the wedding the mother of the groom died, then there was a typhoon so there was a lot of passengers that has been stranded, so some of their visitors and part of the entourage were not able to attend my cousin’s wedding. Then there was problem in the dresses and the to the reception, the dresses of the bridesmaid were not done on time and the dress of the matron of honor was a disaster that she wasn’t able to wear it on the wedding day. The reception was a disappointment, the secondary sponsors were not given a presidential table they have to fall inline so they could eat. The food that they choose with the caterer were not the food that was served, their utensils went missing after the wedding and even some of the food were gone quickly when there are only a few visitors. Added to the fiasco was the video and camera persons hurrying to finish the wedding reception ceremony because they have another engagement in the afternoon.

Well, those I mentioned above were just one of the ordeal they face before and after the wedding. Over-all, it was a successful event despite the mishaps and blunders.

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