Our 1st Valentine Together

Few more days and it is already Valentines Day. Any plans for it? My husband kept asking me if where I want to go on Valentines Day, or where we going to celebrate it. Normally if there’s an occasion we’re eating lunch/dinner outside and then before we came home we’re going to buy a special cake.
I told him either to Outback Steakhouse or in a Mexican Restaurant, I also suggest to him that we should try “hot pot” in a Korean restaurant where seafoods is freshly cooked at your table but he said we should try it on our last night here in Korea. Outback is my favorite steakhouse, I love their food, and beverages. When it comes to Mexican, I love their food esp. burito and chili fries and a lot more.,
This is our first valentines together, so it might be special not like the previous years we just greet each other by an e-card, but he never forget to send chocolates, dozen of roses and big teddy bear to me by ordering online. It was also last Valentine when I received a digital camera from him as gift, so my cam is already one year in my possession.
What’s my gift for him? Nothing big, just a chocolate and a simple card (photo), he loves white chocolates so much with cookies and cream that’s what the chocolates I have for him. “Sorry Sweetie that’s all I can afford, you know I don’t have a work and you never gave me allowance anymore (lol). Actually he already seen the chocolate, I bought it along with the Pink Kisses on my previous blog, I manage to kept it on my arm but he showed up from the big room and ask me what I have, he kept insisting and darn….he said sorry afterwards.

The photo looks gay, I edited it eh., this is my 4th entry for I LOVE PINK!

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  1. Sweetmom says:

    Buti pa kau magkasama sa Valentines day, inggit ako grabe! C hubby ko di ko makakasama sa Valentines Day Nsa business trip sha ngayon(Finland) next week pa ang balik nya…

    Thanks for joining "I ♥ PINK"

    God Bless, and Happy Valentines ♥

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