A Blessed Sunday: Celebrating Thanksgiving Sunday

Today the church is celebrating Thanksgiving Sunday but unlike the norms it wasn’t celebrated inside the church. A voting for the venue was done the previous Sunday which I wasn’t able to witness because I went to the church a bit late; I only knew that Thanksgiving Sunday will be celebrated in one of the popular beach resort in town when Pastor E mentioned it during announcement period.

I felt uncomfortable with the venue and I found it unpleasing, the church was built within a purpose and a beach resort was built within a purpose too, it is for fun, relaxation and to cater gatherings like birthdays, weddings, alumni and etc.  With this, I decided not to attend the Thanksgiving celebration and just went to church to read the bible and pray on my own.

It was quite sad that most churches were open and full during Sunday but the church beside us was closed because the members decided to full a resort instead.  Maybe, if it was not Sunday I may be able to go the resort and celebrate with them but it is Sunday and I found it improper to attend a service outside of the church when the church was quite large to cater a lot of people and guests.

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Well, it would be better if the Thanksgiving service was done inside the church and the reception for the Thanksgiving Day was done in the resort rather than leaving the church empty on Sunday. It was quite disappointing that it seems most of the church goers (over here) already forget the purpose of the church, the effect of worldly influence to them is quite scary.  Who’s on their straight mind abandon a church during Sunday?

Well, some people forget too to respect the holy place and it seems going to the church is just becoming their habit.  Who the heck cut their fingernails inside the church when a Pastor is preaching in the pulpit? Shocking isn’t it? But that’s the weirdest I’ve seen inside the church, weirder than someone combing their hair or playing games on their phone during Sunday service.

Anyway, I am not saying I am a perfect Christian because nobody is perfect but my views and opinion doesn’t correlate with was just voted and decided by many.

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A Blessed Sunday: The Beat of A Thankful Heart

It was been a long time since I blogged about Sunday, I have been procrastinated on doing so. I have planned to just write a late post but my mind was too busy and can’t focus.

How are you going to describe your heart today?  That’s the question asked by Pastor E to everyone and I could write a long sentence to describe mine but I’ll just skip that.  The scriptural verse for this Sunday was from Luke 17: 11-19 with the scriptural topic of “The Beat of a Thankful heart“.

Pastor E shared  that the thankful heart beats for those who are without.  We see hurting people all around us and yet we are paralyzed to help because our hearts are telling us:

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  • “Why bother…nobody will change”.
  • “It’s too risky…you might fail or get hurt.”
  • “Someone else can a better effort at helping than I can.”

Secondly, the thankful heart beats with a faith that things can change no matter what the circumstances. As Paul  said on Philippians 4:6-7 ~

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

It is with a heart of thanksgiving that we are to pray and let God know our needs. When we pray, God can do two things:

  1. Change our circumstance
  2. Give us His peace in our circumstance

Thirdly, The thankful heart beats for the Giver…not just the gift and lastly the thankful heart beats with thanksgiving and more is given.

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Dreaming of an Airplane Crashing

I had the weirdest and scariest dream last night, I saw myself and family inside a plane and presumably J. What is weirdest and scariest was the plane is crashing, the plane is literally going down in full-speed. Everyone is panicking, people are standing and have so much fear, it looks like something is broken within the plane and there is nothing I could do but silently pray. I don’t know how my dream went on being landed safely in an unknown airport,  the plane was stalled directly in the airport door, I hurriedly called and grabbed my family down the plane, I was too scared to stay inside of it, I hurriedly took my passport so I could go to the immigration but there was a chaos, we are told we are not allowed to pass through. The immigration will not stamped our passport and we have to return to the plane so we could fly again, the stewardess was calling everyone to board the plane again, some people did but I didn’t  move, was too scared to be inside the plane again. I would rather suffer in the airport than fly again with the broken plane.

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When I woke up the dream seems real, I felt dizzy and can still feel the dazed. It feels like I rode a full speed roller coaster.

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Dream of Seeing and Talking to Ghost

Every night I am dreaming, I used to journal my dreams but the procrastinated me is so lazy to do it and there are times I forgot what was my dream all about when I wake up or after hour passed. My dream last night was so vivid, saw myself talking to a young female ghost and asking her so many questions. Then a group of men wearing white took me and while walking away from the ghost I am talking with I saw a feet of a man wearing white trousers beside her, I am not able to see his face because I didn’t look up… along the way I saw many ghost, then I don’t know how my dream hop in to different place, the people who took me brought me in front of a house which looks more of a villa and then my dream went to different scenario.

Image result for ghost

What is weird, on my dream I am not scared seeing ghost around me while in real life I am scared of them. It reminds me what happened a few weeks ago. It was evening and as I went out the door of our old house to go to the store, in my peripheral vision I saw a person in my left side leaning towards our old house, I saw his eyes looking at me and since I am not expecting that there was a person in that dark corner I cried out in surprised and as I look back to say a word, nobody was there, I am all alone… there was no person in there, it was just a motor bike which is fully covered with coat.

My aunt who owns the store, heard me and asked me what had happened to me because she heard me scream in fear and shocked, so I told her what I saw.

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