A Blessed Sunday: The Call to Discipleship

Today, is the first Sunday of the month so the service started 7 o’clock in the morning. Pastor E topics is about the “The Call to Discipleship” based on Matthew 4:19 when Jesus invited Peter and Andrew to follow him to be fisher’s of men.

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Pastor E encourages the congregation to strengthen their faith and live like Jesus wanted His children to be, to follow Him and live on His words. He also discuss about Jesus invitation to Peter and Andrew,  he said it was not only for them but for everyone. Peter and Andrew followed Jesus without hesitation, they trust and became obedient.

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Pure Honey from the Honeybees

The other day while I went out to return the broom outside, I saw a woman carrying a baby on her arms. She first went to my aunt store then talk to my cousin’s wife and when she saw us in our porch, she offered a bottle of honey. I have thought of buying honey a few weeks ago so my father could drink calamansi juice with honey to cure his colds and cough but I don’t know where to find a seller and the woman showing in our house with a bottle of honey is an answered prayer. She is selling the bottle of honey for ₱150 about $3.20, we asked her if it was a pure honey and we are told it was and it was the only bottle she got. We could test it we don’t believe her; anyway we bought the bottle of honey without testing.


When my father arrived in the afternoon I have told him that I bought a bottle of honey for ₱150, he said it was too expensive because he thinks my older cousin’s wife was selling bottle of honey for ₱60 ($1.31) only, my older female cousin who was at home seconded but she thought that is cheaper than the amount my father mentioned. Well, I have thought buying it for ₱150 was already a steal since it was hard to get pure honey these days.

Anyway, when they look at bottle of honey I bought they concluded it was pure honey since it was very sticky and dark yellow in color unlike the honey that my older cousin’s wife reselling from the island where she is working it is blunt in color and watery in texture.

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My Sister Working, Me and the Household Chores

My life change dramatically at home since my younger sister was now working. It was like the old days when she was too young to do household chores that I have to do everything. She is the cook in our house, she cooks from the morning into the afternoon but since she’ll be busy now I’ll be doing some of her chores which mean cleaning and being an errand person will not be my only task anymore, I might do the cooking again and took charge charge solely selling ice packs and do some printing when she wasn’t around.

Anyway, we made a temporary dirty kitchen in our old house since we can’t afford to use gas, we used firewood. Yesterday, after I cooked pinangat, I have cleaned the dirty kitchen because it was too cluttered and dirty, my sister cooks but doesn’t know how to clean around, she was told many times but the dirty kitchen always end up in mess and dirt. While I am cleaning someone came to have her document printed so I have to left what I am doing and what is annoying my kitten keeps crying in my foot and when she can’t wait anymore she jump at my body and climb into my shoulder, I didn’t feed them yet since I am still cooking their food and it was still very early in the morning but I guess they’re smelling the fish already.  Prior to that, two of my older cats and the kitten have been disturbing me while cleaning, they keeps following me whenever I go so imagine their foot prints when I just mop the floor.  It feels like I have little kids to care at home. LOL

My sister worked in a water station in town after the old worker left to the city to go to her husband, it doesn’t fit on her degree but it was better than at home doing nothing, she applied in a private bank and took an exam yesterday, I hope she can get the job since the staff needed will be just stationed in town. She took and exam for a social welfare assistant job a few months ago, she was called for interview after passing the qualifying exam but she didn’t showed up since the positioned opened will be in rural islets of our province where she doesn’t know anyone and more importantly my mother doesn’t permit her to work that far but she said she will allowed if it was me. LOL

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Coping Up with Colds and Cough During Rainy Season

It’s almost rainy season in the Philippines and it already rained frequently, with sudden change of weather and temperature many people got sick, most of our neighbors has colds and cough. My father is also sick with colds and cough, I already bought two bottles of medicine and a mentholated topical cream for my father, then he is also taking vitamins C and drinking luke warm calamansi juice but but he didn’t get well yet.

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So, next month I am planning to have my father do a medical check-up since pulmonary and lung disease is common in a third world country like ours. I hope I could save more money so I could bring my parents to optometrist as well since they’ve been using $1 reading glasses from the street, according to health news in television it doesn’t do any good but make worst of an eye problem even more.  Maybe if I didn’t bought a mobile phone I am able to have this plans materialized right away, I have bought a phone with a high resolution camera so I have a camera to use  on blogging, my DSLR is not getting any better. I have already gave my old phone to my sister but aside from the wifi button being broken, it doesn’t read sim card anymore. She already brought it to a shop that fixed mobiles but she was told they can’t fix it, so my sister just uses it as a camera for her selfies.

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