It Seems Like Only Yesterday

Medicines & thermometer

A few days ago, I have blogged about my father getting a stomach flu. He was not able to go to work because he felt very tired and have a fever, making me to remember J when he suffered stomach flu in India where he looks so helpless. Anyway, since my father was feverish I […]

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Nursing Two Patients: Stomach Flu and Turmeric Ginger Tea

Full Length of Man With Arms Raised

Long time no update because my internet is quite slow to go online and I have been sick with colds.  The other day I have two patients to nurse after my father had a stomach flu and felt feverish, when he came home from work he asked me to make him a cup of coffee […]

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Dream of a Plane Crash and a Young Boy

Wildfire, Fire, Smoke, Flame, Firefighter, Airplane

I have been dreaming lately but I am procrastinated to write about them because of my slow internet connection. I have two dreams last  night and my second dream was  somewhat weird, it started by seeing myself in the middle of a busy market and then I heard a loud sound, an airplane emerged from […]

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A Blessed Sunday: The Revolution of Character

Image result for Colossians 3:1-4

Today, after drinking  a cup of coffee and eating “kakanin” I head on the church without much to take care of. The scripture verse this Sunday was from Colossians 3:1-4. Pastor E talked about character, how it is our inner strength. He says character is not what we do but it is who we are […]

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Dream About Quarreling With Someone, Feeling Sick Afterwards

Tiger, Head, Wildlife, Animal, Wild, Feline, Cat

Not really feeling well since yesterday, wake up with a bad dream yesterday.  On my dream I am having a word fight with someone (an ajumma) which is in reality a woman neighbor I am good terms with since it was the mother of my friend in grade school, I was so angry in my […]

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OPPO F1s: Capturing Philippines

Traveling is part of me, visiting ancient places, meeting new people and experiencing their way of living.  As a traveler, I’ve visited many places but around Tablas Island in Romblon is my favorite destination in the Philippines, the marble capital of the country and home to “Galapagos of Asia” (Sibuyan). [Beautiful Sea View in Sta. […]

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Why I Choose To Be Friends Only With Myself

Girl, Dog, Beauty, Young, Animal, Lifestyle, People

The other day I have learned that a school mate got married after long years of dating, I have informed my mother about it and she asked me why I wasn’t invited which I simply replied that we are not closed which made her wonder and asked why she went with another schoolmate into our […]

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New Year Celebration 2017: Should We be Optimists or Pessimists?

Went to church on New Years eve and then went home and sleep, we have no preparation for the New Year. My sister wake me up when 12 o’clock strikes in the clock so I could see few fireworks in the sky, there’s not much then it is drizzling. The night is very silent, my […]

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My Cousin’s Wedding: The Stress and the Highlights

It was my cousin’s wedding yesterday, my parents were one of the principal sponsors and my younger sister was one of the bridesmaids and me was one of the visitors. I dress nicely so I won’t be under-dress like the previous weddings of my relatives but I think I over dress because my dress blend […]

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Christmas Day 2016: Experience the Miracle of Christmas

There was a Christmas Cantata and exchange gift party last night at church, the cantata started early and wasn’t able to watch it from the start since we went to town to buy some stuff. It wasn’t that exciting anyway since it was just the same as last year, the young people sung the same […]

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