A Blessed Sunday:  Serving in the Shadows (Hur)

The topic of Pastor E’s preaching this Sunday is a continuation of his topic the previous Sunday, it is about Serving in the Shadows but today it is about Hur, from the book of Exodus 17: 8-13.

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Pastor E talks about Hur’s character,  Hur has support and cooperation, potential and his participation is persistence. He encourage everyone to be faithful in their  place serving God and use everyone’s God given talent to serve God,  he said that a potential without participation is a little value and participation is essential but without persistence you will not see victory.

Today, my mother and sister went to church with me after a long years of her not going to the church. I have been inviting her but she doesn’t want to, but one surprising day she just said she want to go to church and it happened today.

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A Blessed Sunday:  Serving in the Shadows (Bernabe)

Pastor E started a new topic this Sunday which is about “Serving in the Shadows” from the book of Acts 11: 19-26 where Bernabe was mentioned. Pastor E says that Bernabe is a faithful servant and his life has a large impact to people during those times.

The qualities of loyal servant of God can be found in Bernabe’s life, he is a good person, blessed with the Holy Spirit and has a strong faith. How’s our attitude in serving God? Are we committed and willing?

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A Blessed Sunday: The Confidence in Discipleship

It was first Sunday of the month and it was raining hard, the church service started very early. There were only few people inside the church maybe because of the heavy rain, people were trap on their home. I was a bit soak in rain despite of having an umbrella.

Pastor E’s scriptural topic was continuation and the last part about being a good disciple of Christ “The Confidence in Discipleship” based of scriptural verse John 15: 7-11. According to the bible to be a Gods disciple we should do three things – forget about our self, bring the cross and follow Him.

On the scriptural verses 7-8 we are told to be confident in our position, we should abide God and His words and when we do it God is glorified. Secondly, on verses 9-10 there is a provision, God’s love us and He challenge us to remain in His love, while on verse 11 we have the confidence in our position in life since God equipped us with many talents and abilities, along the way God provided for us even though we challenged Him by doing nothing, for not growing as a Christian.

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A Blessed Sunday: The Cost of Discipleship

It’s the last Sunday of the month and Pastor E’s topic on his preaching today was from the book of Luke 14: 25-33 with a a topic of “The Cost of Discipleship”. Blessings are free and costly and there is very little blessings require in serving the Lord conveniently, Pastor E asked the congregation that considering God’s investment in us, what God have received from us?

Pastor E also gave some points on the cost of discipleship like the criteria, God says on verse 26 to love Him more than we love our parents, brother and sisters and whoever do not so cannot be his disciple then on verse 27  it was said that in following Jesus there will be a cross to carry, it means responsibility and on verse 28 we have to sit down and think if we can continue serving God given the responsibilities and cost.

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