Hwatong Chicken and Baguette

We had a little feast last night my husband was craving for chicken so he asked me to buy fried chicken for us, I don’t want to follow at first because we are on a diet but with my husband bothering me and me craving for food I went out, instead of going to Popeyes I went to the new chicken restaurant we saw in the tarpaulin outside Lotte Super and order for take out.

Hwatong Chicken

When I went home my husband asked me where’s the baguette he asked me to buy, honestly I forgot it so I have to return outside. I went to Paris Baguette to buy the bread and other baked goods. Oh well, when we are full “The  diet starts tomorrow” so today is the new start of our juice fasting after cheating for one week eating gimbap, soup and even ice cream. Lol!

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Liberation Day

Today is public holiday in Korea on celebration of Liberation Day or what they called Gwangbokjeol which means “restoration of light”. It commemorates the victory of Korea from Imperial Japan in 1945. In 1948 on the same day the government of the Republic of Korea was created with their first President Syngman Rhee and Gwangbokjeol was officially designated a public holiday on October 1, 1949.

It is raining today but if you walk outside you can see Korean flags raised in the street, we went shopping a while ago for fruits and vegetable we thought we are going to spend more today but luckily we didn’t because we had a nice deal on the fruits, they are on sale especially the grapes and apples so we only pay half of what we expected.

After Two Weeks

It was been a long time since no update here. We just came home the other day from two weeks vacation and within that two weeks few stores are already closed in the shopping district, saw them the other night packing the clothes and other store paraphernalia. The store was just opened few months ago and now it is already closing well probably moving.

This only means that business in this city is not good. Anyway if there is bad news there’s a good one the tall building which is constructed near the Chinese restaurant is almost finished and it is already open for interested occupants to avail a room for lodging.

Just too bad I can’t take photo of it right now. My camera was accidentally dropped on our vacation and it wouldn’t work anymore I think something is broken, the lens probably.

Shopping: Buying Water Filter Online

We ordered water filter last week and one week has passed it was not yet delivered. It should be delivered three days after we ordered it online, I have told my husband that something is wrong and the filter will not be delivered until he called the company but he won’t believed he just keep telling me to wait and it will be delivered in time.

The seller provide a tracking details that’s why I know something is wrong because the product was already here in our city but not yet delivered. Well today I have found that it was back to sender to that effect, not really the exact details but the city indicated in the tracking is the origin so when my husband new co-teacher called the company it turns out they cannot find our address and even the co-teacher gave the Korean address they still can’t find it on their computer which is too impossible because we received letters from post office as well as utility bills. The company says they will deliver the filter in school instead of delivering it in our house if not on Friday maybe Saturday, well hopefully someone was there to receive it or else no filter for our water pitcher.

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