Shoot Me coz I love Pink

This is me and my niece, my older cousin’s daughter. Hubby says she’s my cousin not niece, a cousin once remove. We always had a discussion about calling my father’s cousin as Aunt , my cousin’s children as niece or nephew and etc., in Philippines we call them like that but it is different from what he know, well as he said he is the one making a genealogy tree so he knows it well.

This was taken on her birthday, my mother and I is heading to Manila that time to work for my visa.

I uploaded this pictures on one of my social networking sites, my online friends thought she is my daughter because we look similar.

With her playmates, nieces and nephew of my cousin’s wife
Forever In Blue Jeans

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  1. Marice says:

    fun photos sis 🙂


  2. Haupi says:

    Happy Birthday to your neice or counsin? Smile. Hey I love pink too! Anyway I'm a recent follower of your blog and stopped by to see what was up over here and to say "Hi!". I'll be back soon.


  3. ~KATE~ says:

    the bamboo sofa really is sometimes more comfortable. ^^,
    happy birthday to your niece/cousin!

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