So Weird

That’s how I called my dreams/nightmare yesterday, I wake up around nine o’clock in the morning when the alarm clock ring, it is breakfast time for Pookie bear I went back to sleep because he do it alone. Pookie bear don’t eat heavy breakfast, he just drink whey and eat apples which he weigh first and if it exceed his desired weight he is going to cut and save it for another meal later.  So I continue to sleep and wake up again around ten o’clock in the morning when Pookie bear went to school, after it I went back to sleep again. I turned on my computer first so there’s going to disturb me or wake me up in case I had a bad dreams. As I am sleeping I had this dream that we are in travel and this place is very familiar to me and it  feels like it was my second time to visit it, everything was familiar then I don’t know how my dream changed from this one,  I am sleeping where my position is on the other way, my head was in the foot bed.  It looks the normal scene inside our apartment, in my dream Pookie arrived from school and I can heard his movements while changing his clothes and getting something in the fridge for his meal so I am trying to wake up but I can’t, I can’t open my eyes and  what I feel right that time is a little worried that Pookie bear might get angry why I am still sleeping, it also feels hard to breath. As I am trying to wake up in my dreams Pookie bear peek inside my blanket and waking me up and I constantly heard some movements, I tried to open my eyes but they will open and then closed after wards. Then I just wake up and found out my hand was holding my nose preventing me to breath (it looks like I am going to dive in the water that my hand was in my nose), as I want to move I feel my body was paralyzed up to my head. My head feels like a balloon with a lot of air and anytime soon it will explode. I rest for a little time and move out of our bed and decided to make a coffee so I am not going to sleep anymore. Then I found out the movement I’ve heard is not from Pookie bear but to our neighbors in the second floor it sounds like they are moving/arranging their cabinets and tables. Just so lucky they did it while I am fighting to live and the consequences when I have this kind of dreams my body is dead tired. I feel so tired as if I worked so much.
As of today I did not sleep while updating this, I have encoded  this blog yesterday but was not able to post it so I have to changed it to history (lol)  right at this moment I am drinking my coffee, Pookie bear wake up very early and went to Postal office and mailed his present to his friend he didn’t bother to wake me up because I think he is a little angry with me for bothering him last night. He wants to sleep but I don’t like and just want to used the computer, he won anyway.

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