Neutrogena Body Moisturizer

The number of lotions and body creams in the market is enormous and it is hard to know which one is good or not. I have been using Nivea lotions for years already since I moved in Korea but recently I have been reading good reviews about Neutrogena and Cetaphil Products, I would like to try any of of the two but I have found out that they are a bit expensive for my budget.

Neutrogena Body Moisturizer 450ml

With this, I decided to look online because most items are cheaper in Gmarket then buying them in local stores. Neutrogena body moisturizer was on sale from one seller so I ordered immediately using the coupons I found under member’s benefits. It was a good deal, I can only buy one Neutrogena moisturizer in the local supermarket at this price but online it was for 2 items.

Retail Price in Supermarkets: ₩14, 000 – 17,000 /450ml
Online Retail Price: ₩20, 200 – 450mlx2

Online Sale Price: ₩19, 900 – 450mlx2
Gmarket Coupon: ₩1, 990
Total Price after discount: ₩17, 910 450mlx2

Gmarket Savings – ₩2, 290
My Savings (from buying online): ₩14, 000 – 17,000

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Mise en Scene Shampoo and Conditioner on Sale

There are lots of things a smart shopper can do to save money at everything. I love frugal shopping and I consider myself as frugal shopper because I love buying things when they are on sale. The other day in the supermarket while pushing my cart I stumble to a sale bin of Mise en Scene Shampoo and Conditioner.

Mise en Scene Shampoo and Conditioner

It was a huge sale from ₩11,800 to ₩3,800 thinking how much I can save buying this items, I bought three pairs of shampoo and conditioner. I have first used these brand when my husband bring home the gift he receives from his employer when it is Chuseok in Korea. It was pleasuring experience because my hair feel smooth and silky.

Mise en Scene Shampoo and Conditioner

As expected my husband was not happy seeing my haul, for him it is not saving money but spending money to the things I don’t really need. Oh, well I am planning to include this haul on my balikbayan box.

Retail Price: ₩11,800
Sale Price: ₩3,800
My Savings: ₩48,000

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Big Sale on Pantene Shampoo

On Saturday while waiting for the pizza I have ordered I decided to go the nearby Nonghyup supermarket to look around, I want to buy items on sale that I can add into the box I am going to sent home. While walking in the aisle I have seen again the pantene shampoo, I almost bought it a day ago by impulse.

Pantene Shampoo Brown

Well if I have won the first time, not this time. I bought the shampoo after few thoughts, it is really hard to resist on big sale, it cost $11.21. It will actually cost four shampoo in the price of one. Pretty good deal huh?

Retail Price: ₩8,900/500ml
Sale Price: ₩14,800 – 500ml x 4
My Savings: ₩20,800

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Buying Strawberries from the Shopping Street

When I report my new passport in Suwon Immigration I also went to postal office in Icheon downtown to mail our travel documents to the travel agency in Busan. After mailing our documents I go home and passed by in the shopping street and decided to went inside the Naughty Cat shop to buy some key chains, I am planning to included them when I  mail post cards to my friends.


Aside from buying key chains I also bought few earrings so I have new accessories to blog.  When I went out the shop I look for the couple that I saw outside selling strawberries and persimmons I thought they were gone when I can’t find them to where I saw them but actually they just moved. So I went near them and buy strawberries, I handed 5,000 won and took one container but the man gave me another container he is saying two for ocheon won. As I already forgot how much is 5, 000 won in Hangul I just said I only want one believing ocheon won is 10, 000 won.

The strawberries are sweet that I don’t need to keep them in fridge with water and sugar but as I cannot eat them all at once though I’d like too I keep them in the fridge, what is left is almost one container.

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