Yay! My Photobook arrived

This is the continuation of my first blog below, so the delivery man drive away but after few minutes he came back I heard his motor vehicle and a quick sound behind door as if something was thrown down. So I immediately get up and open the door, I was not wrong. It was the package hubby’s waiting, it was two package I hand them all to him but when I look at the flat package it was named to me. Oh My, it was from ARTSCOW, I never expected it. I am expecting it on July. I never thought that ARTSCOW has a quick delivery system because this is the first time I address it here.
This is the two 8X8 30-pages photo book I have ordered few weeks ago, it was shipped on May 18. It only took 8 days to arrive here, I am too excited to open it but hubby told me he want to sleep so I postponed opening it due the sound of the plastic. I put it down the bed and keep looking at it, hubby spoke “You know it won’t disappear, right?” I feel embarrassed as if I am little kid that caught looking, I am just too excited to see what’s inside even though I know what is it. So I went back to sleep even I can’t sleep anymore because my mind is on the package just below the bed.
I had a little sleep, the alarm clock bring me back to my senses once again It is already 9 o’clock hubby’s time to eat his breakfast, I am not going to prepare it because he just drink whey protein and mashed sweet potato in the morning so I grabbed the package below and immediately open it, after a while I’ve seen hubby opening his package in the kitchen so I went to him. Hoping that Mom send the photo book I address to them because its free if it was deliver in US or Canada. or even inserted a bar of chocolates inside. To my dismay hubby’s package is just his vitamins, I think five bottles. Then some paper he ordered online for his genealogy project, tracing his roots and ancestors. Hubby said it is my fault because I did not tell Mom to do it, but I told him  back that he didn’t told me that she’s going to send his vitamins here.
Anyway my review about the product, it is really good. Printed clear and book tightly. I am thinking to ordered once more not today but in the near future if I have money to do it. Hehe

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  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    Ay kaganda! Ako den. Hihi.

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