A Visit to the Cemetery on All Saints Day

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It was All Saints Day yesterday, and we went to the cemetery late afternoon to visit departed relatives. When I asked for candles I was told to get in the stock room but I blurted out that they were quite thick since I will wait for them to melt before going home, so my mother suggested to bring the pink ones instead which are smaller and thin. We brought orchids too and just add fern flowers to make it like a bouquet.

The cemetery wasn’t busy like the previous years, at the facade there are people giving 2016 calendars courtesy of funeral life plan company.  Along the busy narrow path, was surprised when someone bumped on me and say “Oi” it turns out our cousins and their parents they were already going home. I wasn’t looking at people that’s why I didn’t notice them.

All Saints Day

When we arrived at our relatives tomb (grandfather, uncles, cousin and other older relatives) nobody is around anymore, was told that our grandmother and aunt went to my great grandfather’s tombstone. We lit the candles I brought but since it is windy, the fire keeps dying. We also lit the candles that were left and didn’t melt fully, and even the candle my sister found in the ground.

Candles Cemetery

Guess what, I brought the smaller and thin candles so they will melt easily but they melt very slowly which my mother and sister laughingly says our grandfather maybe is punishing me on what I did, bringing the pink candles.  I offered silent prayer while looking after the candles, the calendar that was given at the facade of the cemetery became useful when I used it to cover the candles from the blew of the wind. The weird thing, the candle that my sister found in the ground didn’t die despite the wind blew strongly and it melts quickly too.

When the candles are already so small, we left I would like to wait until they were done but my mother says it is getting late and we have to go. We went directly to old town to drive around, but it is empty and the shops are closed.

Candles, All Saints Day

At home, at six o’clock my mother lit candles around the house which made me disappointed for not waiting for me since I am in the bathroom. I took two candles and lit them myself they were for my cats, grandfather maternal side and someone I was not able to meet, my cat stays with me while I am waiting for the candles to melt and when I talked with him, he always replied with a different sound from other cats. It was windy outside but the candles didn’t die even once.

During the day before heading to the cemetery, a black butterfly with purple spots keep flying in front of me, it is maybe someone I know, visiting me.

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