Conservative Way of Thinking in the Millennial Generation

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My mother, sister and I always clash or we always end up in argument because we have different views and opinion. They have millennial  mindset while I am little conservative, I am an old fashioned.  They both advice me to do liberated thinking and not to act like an old woman when I am not. They both said, it is now millennial and I should not be stuck up from the old days where everything is old like my mind.

We live near the church so I grow up attending Sunday schools, I lived with my grandmother for a short period of time, and during those time we both religiously go to church and I’ve been surrounded by elder people like her, and in my entire time in grade school I religiously attend Catechism, which made me dream to be a nun back then, those time there were Catholic elders who teach bible stories and verses to children in public schools, I just don’t know if it is still happening today.

As I recall, I remember telling my mother I wanted to be a nun when I am in grade school. She was surprised, but then she told me I could still serve the Lord even if I am not a nun, in my little mind I know my mother was thinking what will be our life, if me the eldest child goes to convent.

Anyway today, my mother told me to wake up, be smart and not to be stuck up in the past. The world is changing so I should change too and have a millennial  mindset like everyone else, because if not I will always be hurt.


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