Food intolerance or food poisoning?

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As I blog last night my head is bothering me since I wake up. Thinking it is just starvation I ate but instead of a big help my headache worsen. Can’t even look at my computer screen, so this was the time I feel like vomiting so I decided  to throw up all the food I ate, yes decided because I put my two fingers on my throat so I am gonna throw up. Goodbye food, I did not stop until my stomach is all empty. Guess what happened? I feel relieved, my headache was gone. Food poisoning again like what happened in airport when we are going to China? As far as I remember all I have eaten that night is the chocolate’s stick and before that I drink banana milk, I guess it’s the milk because the expiry date was last night.
I guess I need to be very extra careful with the food I ate because my stomach, immune system what ever is not that strong because I always end as patient victim. Like for example when I am still in college way back home, after eating our dinner I had a severe headache and I felt my face is getting hot. My mother asked me to eat sugar and she put some young leaves of a lime into my head pulse because they thought its air or whatever (copying my aunt when she had an headache she always had those leaves) . I fall asleep with a headache, so when I wake up in the morning I feel better. I ate the left over fish we had that night for breakfast and as I am washing the dishes the familiar feeling occur, headache and hot face. Is it food poisoning or allergy? Anyway that’s not the first time it happened to me, it is just the second time. The first time is when I ate boiled eggs, my father arrived home from Manila they worked there for few months. Cleaning his things I’ve seen two boiled eggs as what he said he bought in the ship, so I’ve eaten it for my meal. Then it all started, it already happened thrice here in Korea as far as I remember.
It  seems my mother is right “ang katakawan ko ang papatay sa akin” (being voracious will kill me)  because I always feel sick upon eating something. Anyway I slept with an empty stomach last night, I just had a coffee after the incident, I am looking for the wheat bread but a voracious bear ate it all. Huhuhu

Every week I have a chocolate allowance, chocolate because it is not that big so I can have a shopping free in the shopping district near here. Anyway even it’s big it will all end in chocolate anyways, the tight me will not buy something unless needed or unless it is a chocolate either a body care product which is on sale. So my husband gave it to me and he gave me an extra so I can buy my own meal because I told him I am hungry but I have nothing to eat (even there is), I just don’t feel like eating the food I am seeing eating everyday. I am planning not to buy any and just save all of my money for future expenses like the postal for my giveaway (hahaha). But the pookie bear won’t agree with me, buy a food or no extra? So of course I don’t like the idea so I went out to family mart. When I was there, I picked a ready meal and two gimbap trying to save more. Lucky or unlucky but the meal I have picked is already expired. Lucky because their counter machine is always updated with their product information  because if not I will end as patient again (lol). That’s why there is an expiry date to see (blind me). So I decided to pick some dumplings and the gimbap, I am already going to pay when my eyes landed on the small containers of peanut. Your guess is right as mine, instead of saving and just using my extra allowance I’ve use mine too. Huhuhu

Until now I don’t know what is my condition I mean that condition food poisoning or allergy?
Anyway this is what I found out food poisoning has two types infectious agent and toxic agent. Food infection refers to the presence of bacteria or other microbes which infect the body after consumption. Food intoxication refers to the ingestion of toxins contained within the food, including bacterially produced exotoxins, which can happen even when the microbe that produced the toxin is no longer present or able to cause infection. In spite of the common term food poisoning, most cases are caused by a variety of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, or parasites that contaminate food, rather than chemical or natural toxins.
Headaches Caused by Food

People find that they have intolerances to foods such as wheat, other grains, fruits, dairy products and a variety of other foods. If a person suffers headaches caused by foods it is important to go through a process of elimination (I think it is elimination or discharging when I throw up all the food in my stomach). Food allergists can assist a person in eliminating probable food causes one by one from the diet until the guilty foods are found.

To know more about this information just click the title above that’s where I found the article I have pasted.  I don’t own it.

I think the above sentence fit for me, maybe I have intolerances to some food. Tsk, here I am again self medication. I think much better if I took a nursing course because I am expert in self medication. Haha, joke. Or maybe I have diabetes because it also says that getting headaches after eating can be an early sign that diabetes may be a problem.

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