I am not a freak but I am scared

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I am freaking out this past few days, I thought I am going to have a heart attack because of my foolishness . As I have said on my previous blog I have been hooked up reading paranormal stories, yeah true stories. Then I just feel afraid, fear struck on me. The other day I can bear the fear not until last night Catlaine send me a youtube link for unsolved mysteries when I shared to her what I am doing and reading. So I watched then read, then it just happened that I am now afraid to be alone here at our apartment.  I didn’t moved into the bed until hubby came from his early class, I just ate cereal and milk. When he went back to school I am all alone again and make myself busy blog hopping and posting some blogs, when he returned home this afternoon he asked me if I am ready for our gym. I told him I did not yet ate because I am freaking afraid to get off the bed. So while he is changing his clothes I hurriedly drink two bottle of liquid yogurt then we head to the gym.
Guess what happened? My legs are shaking in the gym doing squats, leg curls and using the machine. It is dark to see, dizzy and feeling weak. Hubby told me to breath while I am doing the work-out, then I remember I did not eat anything aside from the cereal and milk. So I beg him to go home, because I feel so weak. We still finished the work-out but not the cardio,  Now I learned my lesson don’t read and watch if I can’t bear the consequences, and  to eat first before gym, or else I am going to collapse.

2 Responses to “I am not a freak but I am scared”

  1. Dhemz says:

    my gosh…..you're killing me…ehehehhee…..kaya nga I prefer to read biographies….I try to avoid reading books like that…kasi kung saan-saan napupunta yung imagination natin…ehehehe!

    salamat pala for dropping by sa "Beauty is skin deep" na blog ko dear…glad to be here!

  2. My-Alter-Ego says:

    hehe.. this is so funny.. but it was a good thing that nothing bad happened to you at the gym..

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