Life in the Island: Disappointing Internet Connection

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Living in the island is not always a paradise. Most of the time it feels like living hell, hot temperature, scarce supply of water on summer, insufficient supply of electricity that cause excessive blackouts,  far from the main city and especially poor signal for mobile and data network especially when typhoon passed by.

My life is in the internet; my source of living is in the internet but with the poor internet in our island, I am losing everything, my blogs and my earnings not to mention the life I thought to be a happy one.

The other day I received a notification that the free upgrade of Windows 10 is ready, so I bought load for the Smartbro stick so I can used it in town. Using the stick is better than using a pocket wifi because the latter is only limited for 800mb per day, but to my dismay it was just a waste of money.  I cannot even surf the internet, pages can’t be opened and can’t even check emails.  Tried it twice in town but I both ended up just losing my patience and my battery charge. So disappointing!

Island Living

We ended up going to neighbouring town the next day since we have noticed that internet is a bit faster in the said town compare to our town.  Since we have no place to hang-out with, we ended up in their park and it was ended a bit faster, but I still end up not able to finish my Windows upgrade because my internet load expired and my laptop battery was already drained.

Well, I have heard from other people it is possible for me to get a faster internet if I purchased a router and an antenna but the downside it cost a lot of money about $200 or more including the installation fee but excluded the wires and other installation materials. So we asked for details in town but we are told that we can try it but it is not guaranteed we will be able to connect or get a faster internet because we live outside the town. Very disappointing if you may ask me because if it didn’t work in our house my money will just be flushed in the drain, isn’t it? L

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