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Most of us love dogs and everybody loves puppies. Who can resist a cute and lovable puppy?  They brought a lot of fun but gives a lot o responsibilities because you can’t just adopt or buy a puppy without caring for it.  You should know that puppies are born deaf, blind and a very little sense of smell so you have to make sure they are properly nourished with milk from their mother,  they should stay with their mother for at least two months, there are times that when some people  adopt a small puppy they used milk droplets or nipple bottles.

Below is my sister’s dog, she got it when he is still a small puppy.  The owner gave it to her immediately to avoid other people asking for it. As the puppy don’t eat solid food yet my family bought him a milk and a feeding bottle and you see he enjoys being feed in the bottle.

One thing to remember too when the complete set of teeth of puppies take place be sure to prepare chewable toys because puppies need to chew to stimulate the loss of their baby teeth and to help place their permanent teeth. They also like to stay cuddled up close to their mother and siblings to stay warm and feel secure.

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