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My name is Ryanne, I have been blogging since 2009.  I have introverted personality that I love staying at home, but I love hiking outdoors. I am cheerful, love to read, write, love photography, pets (10 cats), eat good food and watched movies. I am NOT into parties or night life, but I love to see the world, I love traveling and seeing ancient places, meeting different people and learn their culture, traditions and way of living. I prefer wearing comfortable clothes than dolled up, I basically wear jeans, shirt or blouses, but I can wear a dress too if needed.

I believe I am compassionate and caring, I love to make people smile and I used to absorb other people’s emotion and take them as mine, we are only going to touch one’s life so why not care? I don’t trust easily, but I am talkative when I already feel comfortable talking to someone, I love cheering up people but I can’t cheer up my own self. I am a Libra and I am indecisive by nature. I can be too friendly and very open at times, telling you stories and letting you see the PH way of life thru my blog.

Well, I am not trying to impress someone here and I am not good in describing myself. I am a sensitive person, sentimental and over thinking kills me. I am a loner and I have social phobia, I don’t go out and make friends. When I am too comfortable I am childish at times; I have a lot of fears and I diagnosed myself with anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder and with Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder (lol, just kidding!).

My life isn’t perfect and this blog is about bits and pieces of my life, five blogs  were merged in Herzlife since it is a waste creating separate blogs when I can’t update and pay for their renewals.

Thank you for reading! You can read more at my other blogs:

3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Chae De Ocampo says:

    Hello, hpw did you apply for a job in Korea? Please reply. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi there! I am not working in Korea, I am on dependent visa. You can work in Korea through EPS program which is under POEA.

  2. Kumara Abeysinghe says:

    After flooding i ” lost my 01021546691 conectivity please inform how am re activate. Thanks

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