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Traveling is not all about fun and enjoyment because it can be tiring sometimes and can make you worn out. Dressing comfortably while traveling is a thing most traveler should do, the lighter clothes you wear the comfortable you are.

One of the common accessories you will see among travelers is a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses will not just help your to look trendy and  fabulous but it can also help to hide your tired eyes either when you are lack of sleep or having jet lag problems, sunglasses can also help you to protect your eyes from scorching heat of the sun.

That’s why I am too thankful when I received free sunglasses from Firmoo by winning through giveaway,  I am able to enjoy our vacation in Armenia and Georgia despite of the hot weather in these places.

[#OTO2505] is a popular online eyeglasses store for prescription and non-prescription glasses. They have wide range of eyeglasses according to your needs it is either for reading,  fashion or everyday use which is both available for men and women.  If you are in need of sunglasses with  bifocal or progressive lenses you can find them in Firmoo which is in different style and color.

Recently I was contacted by Firmoo to receive free sunglasses I am too happy upon reading the invitation because most of my blogger friends has been contacted already or they contacted Firmoo for this freebie and now they are already enjoying wearing the sunglasses from Firmoo on different occasions.

The sunglasses arrived today together with the case, cloth, bag and screw. Yes it is a complete package, the sunglasses was perfectly packed and sealed in the case with foam and bubble plastic. Firmoo really made sure that customers will received the sunglasses in perfect condition and best look.

Anyway I chooses RX sunglasses the Women’s full frame wrap around plastic sunglasses  #OTO2505 in black color, even though my sister wants a different sunglasses.  I am attracted to its fashionable and sexy design despite the fact that wearing big eyeglasses doesn’t fit the shape of my face.

Firmoo’s sunglasses are comfortable to wear they are lightweight and in high quality so no matter how you wear them they were not easily to be distorted or out of shape unlike those other sunglasses that can be easily distorted once you put them on your head.


The sunglasses above is beautifully crafted  with white butterfly knot on each side which made it charming  and very  feminine to wear, there are three colors for this design black, purple and green (tortoise). I choose the black one because it will fabulously fit any color of clothes I am going to wear when we travel. These sunglasses too is definitely  perfect and on time  for our vacation next month in the Philippines I will surely wear this while touring around.

Firmoo’s sunglasses are affordable but in high quality so they are perfect to send as gifts to your family, friends and relatives.  They have virtual try-on system to help you find what is the perfect eyeglasses that will look good and will fit on the shape of your face or to someone you want to sent a pair of eyeglasses by uploading your own or their photo on Firmoo.

[Me wearing #OTO2505]

Firmoo provides various designs and styles of sunglasses to suits any person’s preferences of style so I am sure that you will find what you wanted. One of the best deals Firmoo has to offer is free eyeglasses for first time customers so don’t let this opportunity be wasted,  hop in now and experience the magic of Firmoo!

Remember too that they also offer discount codes and coupons to keep updated with them follow Firmoo on Facebook and  Twitter.

Thank you Firmoo!

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