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Cleaning the Bathroom and Accidentally Electrocuted Myself

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the things I do even before, so a few days ago I decided to clean our bathroom barefooted, it was been a long time since I cleaned it thoroughly because the water supply in our barangay (village) is scarce, the water only runs in the morning for about 2-3 hours.

As cleaning agent I used muriatic acid as well as bleach without using a mask for protection,  I have cleaned it thoroughly from walls to floor. I have turned the lights and fan but I think it was a wrong move because I inhaled so much fumes from muriatic acid leading me to choke and cough, I went out for a bit to inhale fresh air. When I am done cleaning I switched off the light and fan and that\’s when an electricity bolt run through my finger to my head, I was shocked for a moment but I still managed to pull back my finger, maybe if I didn\’t I was electrocuted to death.


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The bathroom switched light was gone for a minute, I have already thought I broke the switch. I was thinking if I should tell my mother that I was almost electrocuted and I broke the light/fan switch. Thinking she might go to the bathroom and get electrocuted as well, I decided to tell her not to touch the bathroom switch and a little story of what had happened to me inside.

My mother is really epic, instead of being worried to me I got scolded for being careless and splashing water in the wall where the electric switch was.

Anyway, it was the strongest electric shocked I encountered in my life maybe because I am barefooted, the electric switch and the floor is wet as well as my hands.  I thought it was the end of my life but I guess I still have purpose here on earth.

My head aches after I got electrocuted, the lower part just below my ears. I think my brain got an electric shock! The next day, I cleaned our living room using muriatic acid and inhaled more fumes again.

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Sweet Cherry Plate

The other day while we are shopping at Lotte Super I wandered around the house and home aisle and I found this plate cute. It only cost ₩1,000 ($0.87) so I bought it thinking I am going to eat small amount of rice if I am going to use it.


I think it is more as a kid\’s tray rather than  a plate because it it is in the same shelves of the large trays. My husband just nod his head when he saw what I am holding.

Slimline Dishwasher

\"\"There are times I searched online for free samples, the last time I grabbed free samples online it has a dishwashing soap on it. As we don\’t have dishwasher here at home we have sent it to a friend.  Those times dishwashers were considered something of a luxury when they first came on the market that most restaurants have it but now a days most private home have it too, a dishwasher is a mechanical device for cleaning dishes and eating utensils.  Dishwasher has different models, the new one is a  slimline models that  fits with a small kitchen. They are also effective in cleaning as the standard model, it allows  you to adjust the temperature, depending on how dirty your crockery is.  Some of the highest-rated slimline dishwashers use only ten litres of water per wash and have Eco Wash and Quick Wash options to help reduce water and electricity consumption.

Range Cookers

Image Not Mine

I have been busy these past few days on cooking in our kitchen and what is expected after that stressful time I can\’t face my blog and do my job in front of my computer anymore. All I want is to relax and chill, watch some TV shows online and read.

Anyway I wish we have range cooker here in our apartment I have notice our burner is being rusty maybe because of keeping the pot in the gas range while they are newly wash and water is dripping. Since I found it I am now very extra careful to dry the pot first before letting it sit in our gas range and keeping it in our kitchen cabinet.

Range cookers are far bigger than traditional cookers and they come with a larger main oven and more hob burners. They are designed to look like the olden style cooking ranges found in older styled kitchens and have numerous features. They are free-standing and come in widths between 90cm to 150 cm.

Range cookers can be electric only or the more popular dual fuel option where the hob is powered by gas and the oven by electricity. Most range cookers come with six hob burners

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Cup and Saucer

This is what I got when I went to Daiso the other week, together with my travel pouch. I bought this for my husband as he is using my coffee cup because I didn\’t allow him to use the other cup  in our drawer as it is the souvenir from the gym in Seoul where he worked out.

Actually the cup the I am using for my coffee is also a souvenir because the gym owner gave him two cups, I am not going to use it but he said we have two, so when he wanted to use the second one I objected. So I bought him his own cup with saucer, just right for drinking tea.


He said thank you but he still ended up wanting my cup because he said it is bigger, so the end result the cup and saucer I bought for him still belongs to me.