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My Blogs Are Down Because of Expensive Hosting

My blog was down for almost a month because of my problem with my hosting provider, the monthly fee doubled and it was too expensive for me having no fixed income online, I canceled my hosting asked for a refund, and moved to a new hosting provider which is a way cheaper, but when I started moving my websites, things didn’t turn out well, the coding was broken leaving my blogs without images and cluttered.

I’ve looked for another hosting option and I found this new hosting provider, a little cheaper than the one I purchased less than a month ago and was compatible as well, my websites run smoothly without leaving an error, my only problem was I forgot to back-up my WordPress themes, so right now I am using the older version which is not designed to mobile readers.

I hope my new hosting provider will not give me a headache in the coming days or else I will be left without a choice but to say goodbye to my blogs.

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My New WordPress Theme is Adaptation of My Old Blogger Template

There was no work today, because of the super typhoon and knowing I will not wake up early, I have decided to sleep late in the evening last night, to tweak and changed my blog’s theme and as you can see, my blog is wearing a new theme.

I have posted it in my social account and my fellow bloggers, reminiscence their blogs and blogging life back then, as  they already stopped blogging and let their domain names expired. It was the same for me, I let some of my precious domain name goes, because I can’t maintained them anymore. It was heartening to let them go, but it was for the better, I let my two travel blogs, photography, pet and food blogs expired. I choose to maintain three blogs, and I almost lost them a few months ago, but with the help of my facemask business at work, I am able to pay and renew my domain and pay my hosting monthly, as to this day.

The Blogger Theme

Anyway, my new theme was the theme I won from a blogging/writing contest back then, it was designed for blogger platform, but I tweaked it into a wordpress theme. What do you think?

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