Visiting the Sunflower Farm for the Second Time Around

As if visiting the Aspire Farm wasn’t enough that I went to the sunflower farm again the next day with a coworker, The truth is this coworker’s friend wanted to visit the sunflower farm and since I wasn’t able to look around, and take more photos when we visited, I went with her. We borrowed a motorcycle from our coworker with a promise that we were going to put gas in it.

Visiting for the second time, I was able to take more photos and videos which I have used in my Facebook reels. The flowers were nearing to expire or to the end of their life, but nevertheless, they were still beautiful and full of life and vibrant colors.

Since it was lunchtime when we visited, there were only a few people around.  There are other two groups who are with us on the sunflower farm, and what is funny is when my coworker and I started recording the first couple started speaking English too as if showing off that hey they can speak the language, lol. Meanwhile, we befriended the second couple who seemed to be dating, we helped each other by taking photos and even sharing them with each other. They were friendly and sweet. We didn’t stay longer, because we promised to return the motorcycle in time.

Anyway, if you would like to visit Sunflower farm always remember that visiting is best done early in the season, The peak bloom time of Sunflowers is about two or three weeks, don’t be like us who visited at the end of the season, haha.

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