Surviving Budget Cuts at Work

A few months ago, I have decided to quit my job, because I have enough. I felt unappreciated and it is already toxic at work, I am not feeling happy on what I am doing already. Those who know me, knew what I mean.

Anyway, quitting made me my niece caregiver which isn\’t a problem at all, but when I quit working, my father lost his carpentry job, his employer went to Manila for personal matters. With this, my younger sister work alone to support the family of five, it was not too burdensome  at first, but as the day goes by, our finances is going to the drain, whatever small savings we have is slowly detoriating. My mother started to show signs of stress, short patience and always nagging and angry at everything, maybe because of the problem of budgeting.


One of my immediate supervisor at work, encourages me to return to the office by applying through the boss, with the problem arising at home, I did and to cut the story short I am able to work in the office with a different responsibilities and a bit different environment.

Working was great, there are few overtimes, but it was good. Past forward, election came and a lot of changes happened, the office had a budget shortage for wages of job orders, don\’t ask me the reason and how the budgeting is done because I don\’t know either.

Being good at your job doesn\’t matter, all job orders were lay-off and only a few or handful were ask to return first, those who hold a special place errr job. Right now, we are still waiting if we will be called/hired again and for the meantime I am jobless, I found a time to write again.

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