My Blogs Are Down Because of Expensive Hosting

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My blog was down for almost a month because of my problem with my hosting provider, the monthly fee doubled and it was too expensive for me having no fixed income online, I canceled my hosting asked for a refund, and moved to a new hosting provider which is a way cheaper, but when I started moving my websites, things didn’t turn out well, the coding was broken leaving my blogs without images and cluttered.

I’ve looked for another hosting option and I found this new hosting provider, a little cheaper than the one I purchased less than a month ago and was compatible as well, my websites run smoothly without leaving an error, my only problem was I forgot to back-up my WordPress themes, so right now I am using the older version which is not designed to mobile readers.

I hope my new hosting provider will not give me a headache in the coming days or else I will be left without a choice but to say goodbye to my blogs.

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