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The Best Shapewear for Your Personal Comfort And Style

Shapewear is an important contributor to the glam industry today. They collect you and your body into a fit that makes you want to dress every day. The style forward takes a plunge with a good-fit dress and a shaping dress contours you like no other.

However, not every shapewear is worthy and gives your body the attention to detail it deserves. Get your dream body and exhibit confidence in Popilush’s famous line of shapewear clothing. The diverse range of dresses and styles makes it a top contributor to fashion and functionality. Here are the best bodysuit shapewear options for you.

Built-in Shapewear Off-Shoulder Dress

Featuring an off-shoulder cut and a bodycon-fit dress, this built-in shapewear ticks all the boxes for fashion and comfort. The off-shoulder neck gives a wide neck look for styling. The dual mesh-control contours the tummy giving it a flattening look.

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The overlapped fabric at the crotch makes it easy to open for restroom visits. The leg contour panels are also a great addition to it. This shaping dress is made from sustainable clothing with a mixture of nylon and spandex.

Built-in shapewear Leather Bodysuit Or Midi Skirt Or Mini Skirt Or Leggings

Leather speaks of luxury and top-trending design. So does it in the bodysuits. The bra-free design is elastic and has a built-in mesh-free shapewear. It contours your tummy and thighs in a way a model has.

Product link:

This leather bodysuit is multi-purpose and can be used as a top with a mini skirt, leggings, and pants. This shaping dress is made up of sustainable fabric which is 62% Nylon and 38% Spandex. You can rock every nighttime party in this leather bodysuit because leather is the fashion here to stay. This is one of the best bodysuits shapewear out there.

Built-in Shapewear and Shine Dress and Bodysuit

The knotted style dress shaping dress is perfection. The mid-knot is aesthetic with a broad sleeveless finish made in leather. The high elastic range makes it an easy yet durable outfit that you can wear on multiple occasions.

Product link:

The dress is easy to put on and take off, all thanks to the soft fabric and sustainable fabric. The dress has a V-neck and a covered back which is modest. It has four variations including a thong bodysuit, slip maxi dress long sleeves, and twisted maxi dress. All the right reasons to invest in this. You can add contrasting accessories like gold-colored earrings with it to complete the look.

Built-In Shapewear One Shoulder Split Modal Maxi Dress

The Built-In Shapewear One Shoulder Split Modal Maxi Dress has a one-shoulder design. One shoulder is ultimately modish and chic. It reveals your beauty bones and shows off a contoured look.

Product link:

This dress’s stitching provides an hourglass finish and fit. The built-in shapewear and mesh control especially on the stomach. The look completes with high slits at the side to ease mobility. The booty lift is contouring and does not compromise on your body, unlike other shapewear in the market. This dress is promising in its shape and chic look.

Here are the top trending shapewear dresses for easy style that prioritize your body and assure self-love everywhere you go.

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Old Shopping Haul – What Shoes Should I Wear?

Shopping for me is like a therapy, I have shopped a lot two years ago from dresses to shoes. I have never wore most of them, I have been contented keeping them and when it is time for me to use them, the shoes were not in great condition anymore, especially shoes/sandals from Natasha, the materials were stripping. I have used them only once and I already let them collect dust, since they were not in good condition anymore. My sister then had told me, that is how the brand work. The less you used them, the more they deemed unusable, but the more you wear them, the more the materials became elastic and strong.

Tomorrow will be my eldest aunt and her husband’s  50th wedding anniversary, they will have renewal of vows and party and everyone is obliged to wear dresses and be glam if possible.

So to speak, I have to dig my closet for shoes to wear, I have bought a few from Zalora two years ago, they are a bit expensive but worth it. I have never wore them, but they are still in good condition and just need some cleaning as they collect dust after being keep for a long time.

Since, it is golden wedding anniversary the theme for tomorrow is golden yellow. I have tried a bridesmaid dress and I look like a pig in it.

Well, I cannot decide on what shoes to wear, I prefer the red one and my sister likes it too, but my mother disapproves it.

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MIMAROPA Festival 2017: Fireworks Display and Night Market

Fireworks display in Odiongan isn’t a normal occurrence; firecrackers maybe yes (joke).   We directly went home after the last tribe finishes their performance without waiting for the winner to be announced because we still need to go home so we could return to town to watch the fireworks display at 9 o’clock in the evening.

We had dinner and after I feed my pets we went to town, we are bit late because the fireworks display already started but we are still along the way (Odiongan National High School), the gate 2 of Odiongan South Central Elementary School was closed so we have no choice but to run to gate 1 which is only open for pedestrians.   We are able to see half of the fireworks display, kids and kids alike were amazed with the fireworks display in the sky that they keep saying “Wow” and it was indeed a wow.

After the 10 minutes fireworks display we went to the night market, while waiting for my sister finding a parking area we stand at a corner and I started asking my mother if I am already smelly from the whole day activity, what is epic when I turned around I saw a “balut vendor” and that’s where the foul smell was coming from, the vinegar for the balut.

The night market wasn’t that large but it was already good to have one, there are different items on sale at the night market from souvenir shirts, bargain clothes and dresses, souvenir key chains, paintings, Christmas decors and etc., The other end was food stalls which is good for hungry night goers and visitors looking around at the marble stores at the Children parks.

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Shopping for Ever Belina Advance BB Cream and Dark Eye Concealer

Today, there is a lot of beauty regimens in the market but I don’t know a lot about them but not so long ago I tried using BB cream or Blemish balm since my face became old and dull, aside from BB cream I also bought dark eye concealer since the skin below my eyes are quite dark like how a panda looks like.

Honestly , when the world around me become gray I look even worse than before but seeing how my sister take care of her self I was encourage to do the same especially when my mother says I am still young but I already look like someone in their 50’s. Yeah right, it was been a long time that my mother and other relatives had told me that I already looked like a woman with dozens of kids since I can’t even comb my hair at home and then even classmates and instructor in college who accidentally saw me in town always blurted out that my sister dress well than me so I decided to slowly look after myself to regain courage and self-confidence, although I only used these beauty regimes when I go to church every Sunday.

Sometime ago a friend had encourage me to learn how to use makeup since she is doing well with it but being not vain and because my sister was the one who do makeups at me when I am younger I declined the thought of learning how to use makeups.

Anyway, with the help of the young sale’s lady in town where my mother is affiliated as a dealer I was able to choose which BB cream to use, I have asked her opinion which Bbcream is the best since she used one daily. I chooses Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream Whitening and Advance Perfect Eye Concealer.

BB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage. {source}

Well, I’ll post the review some other time.

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Shopping for Discounted Natasha Sandals

Every woman needs a pair of high heels. It was been a long time since I wore high heeled footwear I think it was been ages, I favor sneakers and flats because they are more comfortable and easy to wear. My mother and sister brought home this beautiful and stylish sandals for me after finding that there is an available item in the shop where my mother was affiliated as a dealer. I have told them a few months ago after seeing this sandals in a brochure that it is beautiful and I would like to have a pair but since I can’t afford it I didn’t order and I can’t think of a place or occasion where to wear them.

Deangela Natasha Sandals

This sandals is a month to pay and it has dealer discount so I keep it instead of asking them to return it. I don’t know yet where to wear them but there’s only one place I know I could wear them, in the church. What’s funny I lost my balance while trying them at home so I wonder if I will fall in embarrassment if I wore them outside someday.

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Shopping and Reselling Unused Items

When my sister took a government exam in the neighboring city almost a year ago, I went with them and we’ve went directly to Manila to wander around. I was too presumable then; I took government national papers, bought things and clothes to carry somewhere far but life isn’t always the way we planned it, so the lesson I learned in life not to get too excited and don’t expect too much it is either from yourself or from people around you.

When everything turned upside down, I hid all the things I collected I didn’t throw them like what I have said. Anyway, few of them were perfumes I just let them sit in one corner collecting dust, I already lost count how many of them I bought, I thought I bought more but when I checked them they’re just less than I thought they were be.

Jordache Women Perfume

Recently my mother dig them out from the dark corner, the perfumes remained there untouched by me since the day I hid them in, gladly I didn’t bought things for J yet like I have planned or else there are more things that will collect dust. I choose to resell the Jordache perfumes and make money out them. I have bought them on huge sale in a Japanese store in Manila for less than $2 and reselling them for less than $6. The Jordache perfume scent I have bought were No. 4, 5 and 7, they were the only available scent because the perfumes were almost sold out when we stumble at them in the shopping mall.

Meanwhile, the clothes I have bought I wore them to church every Sunday, I think that’s where the clothes destined to be worn, the clothes that was for different weather was kept in the very bottom of a huge box and some of the new pants given to me by my mother goes to reselling items too since they were too large for me to wear, I’ve lost a lot of weight without struggling on how to do it, yes no dieting needed. If you will asked me, I believed all those weights were transferred to my sister since she gained a lot of weight today, LOL.

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Shopping: Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner on Sale

The other night we rush to Mercury Drug store in town to buy an ointment, the store will close at eight o’clock in the evening so we rush out before it closes. I was not feeling well due to colds. My back felt so cold and vulnerable, I think my immune system level went down after a few days of non-stop trip to town, doing some errands and attending some family matters.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner (Total Damage Care 10)

Since we are acquainted with the cashier, she informed us about their sale and even bringing us to the aisle.  Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner (Total Damage Care 10) is on 50% sale, there are only four bottles of them so I took them all to the counter before someone could see them. The conditioner normally cost ₱157 per bottle but after the 50% off it only cost ₱78 per bottle, which is really a huge savings.  It is a way better than buying another conditioner on the same price, actually my mother wasn’t in favour of me buying the conditioners she blurted out what would I do with them when I still have two new conditioners at home.

Well, there is a huge savings on them that’s why I took them and I maybe could display them to the beauty products we’re selling at home while they are not going to be use yet, who knows someone will buy them and then I could get 50% profit from them, isn’t it?

Retail Price: ₱157.00/180 ml
Sale Price: ₱78.00/180 ml
Savings: ₱79.00/180 ml

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Home-Based Business: Buying and Selling

Buy and sell business is profitable if you have loyal customers who know how to pay without giving you a severe headache when their due date for payment came.

When the internet connection is good, browsing on shopping portals online became my habit since the products were loaded immediately.  A week ago, while looking for dresses I have found a sale on clothing and  I have informed my mother about it, and I was told if I have budget for it I could buy few and we could sell them in higher price. So I have ordered 8 short dresses to start with, when they arrived the other day, my mother and sister brought them to prospected client, three of the dresses where immediately taken and another one were taken separately so there is still four dresses in our care, hopefully we could sell them too.

F.101 Short Dresses

The dresses were not bought as cash by the people who took them; they are one month to pay so I have to wait a month before I could get the payments. I have been planning to do buy and sell business when I have enough capital to start with it because I cannot forever depend on my father’s care since working online isn’t good anymore, lots of bloggers copied me too for being a link broker so the trade is really slow.

My mother suggested that buying and selling appliances, gadgets and other electronic devices will be profitable since most consumers wanted to own this things, but I need ample amount of money to start on that trade, all I can do right now is to sell few dresses in affordable amount and hopefully it works well without being copied by our neighbors.

Well, maybe if I got lucky and won in a lottery I will be able to build a clothes and beauty products shop in front of our house, since my Uncle has no plan yet to use his lot.

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Shopping Online with Huge Discount at Zalora PH

Most of my life, I have been wearing jeans, shirts and rubber shoes so when people see wearing a skirt or dress they’re always surprised and encouraged me to wear this type of clothes more often. I’ve only wore skirts or dresses on special occasions, like graduation.

On my birthday less than a month ago a shopping portal send a special code so I can treat myself for something pretty. I never tried shopping at ZALORA PH yet, I only registered on this site because of curiosity and the desire to browse around the beautiful dresses displayed on their website. Well, by browsing that day I found dresses that were on sale, chic and sassy, with the voucher code given to me they have an extra discount and another extra 7% discount if a MasterCard was used, so I did shop using my card. The next day, I received a call for verification of the card I have used, I was so anxious when an unknown caller was looking for me.

Zalora PH Dresses

Anyway, I have received the clothes after few days. I was a bit disappointed when I saw them because they look too small for me, but when I tried them they fit perfectly. The black dress  (Aleena Lace on Waist Printed Dress) which I preferred so much ended up to my sister because it doesn’t look right on me since I am long legged making it too short for my body. The three other clothes fits perfectly, my mother and sister says I should wear clothes that are tight hugging to my body because those are the type of clothes that will look good on me.

Zalora PH Dresses

My sister and I have been planning to do photo-shoots wearing the dresses but we always don’t have a time to do it.

Anyway, if you are looking for beautiful dresses to wear on any occasion or on Christmas day shop now at and use this code ZBAPQWVG upon checkout no minimum purchased to use this discount code.

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Getting Free Product Samples Online

Getting sample products in the Philippines isn’t easy like getting them in the West where you can just submit your contact address and the samples will be delivered into your doorsteps after a few days without a cost. It was only recently, that some companies send sample products with no cost to public and they were only limited to some cities and it is hard to get them because they are out of stock right away.

Product Samples in the Philippines

A week ago, samples were delivered to me after I requested online but they were not free I have to pay for the shipping fee. To request these samples you have to use points on each product, when you registered your were given 100 points right away where you can use to request for sample and then you have to pay the shipping fee afterwards. You can do product reviews once you received the samples and then the points deducted when you requested the samples will be returned to you and you will given one point each if you do the review and another one point when the review was accepted. You can also earn one point every friend you have referred.

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