59 Pizza

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My husband and I has an agreement that no matter how he asked me to buy food outside I am not going to follow so we can stick with our juice dieting. So last night I did, no matter how he asked me I keep saying no and challenge him that if he is really hungry and want food he have to buy it himself.  Well it works for few hours but I think he is really decided to cheat with out diet he started wearing socks and changing his day clothes.

He told me he is only going to buy food for his own because I don’t want to go but later he invited me to go with him, our plan is to buy pizza from Pizza School but when we passed by it is full of students so we tried 59 Pizza which is just about one block away from it. It was been a long time that we are planning to try this pizza but it never materialized so we guess this is the right time, we ordered two pizza and it was hard for us because there is no English translation in the menu but with the help of the owner we are able to order pepperoni and vegetable pizza with cheesy crust.

Instead of waiting for our pizza we went to nearby Paris Baguette to buy some treats, we had the scone or dunno what they called and egg tart. After it we returned in the pizza shop and guess what we saw an English pizza menu pasted in the wall (lol), anyway after paying we waited outside and  I sit in one of the chairs while munching egg tart and bread. I am too hungry upon seeing the food eh, while we are waiting the owner went out asking something all we can understand is “separate?” my husband say yes. I think we are both thinking that the guy is asking us if we want the pizza in a separate box, anyway later on my husband told me that he thinks that guy is asking if we want the pizza box to be tied together or separately. Oh well too late to inform him so like what expected the pizzas was tied separately.

As I have no camera I borrowed my husband camera with a deal that I am only going to take picture of my pizza. I have no choice or else no picture at all.

It is called 59 pizza because the small pizza cost ₩ 5,900 just add ₩2,00 for the large one or more to different flavor and ₩3,000 for cheesy crust. My husband says the pizza was good, for me pizza just taste the same thing eh. Haha

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