A Blessed Sunday: A Firm Foundation

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Home is the first institution God had created. Pastor E’s topic on his preach this Sunday is about A Firm Foundation from the book of Joshua 24: 13-15. When building a home we always want it to be safe and productive, we always first create a solid foundation.

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Pastor E shared three D’s that are integrity of the home, the first one is discernment (verse 13), which talks about God’s blessing, Him being compassionate and merciful. We become what we rare because of God’s bountiful grace, we are blessed beyond measure but unfortunately we overlooked God and cast  Him aside our home. The second is duty (verse 14), we must fear the Lord and recognized His position in our life. Most of us fear the Lord but we are not committed, we have no consideration we live according to our own desire.

The last D is decision (verse 15), we must choose God’s will and serve the Lord and when we serve the Lord faithfully He is being praised. Pastor E ended his preaching asking if Jesus is the priority of your life.

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