A Blessed Sunday – Commitment

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It is second Sunday of October, it was the second day I went to church to attend a service. The service didn’t start early today, I went to the store to buy some bubble gum when a cousin passing by saw me and invited me to go church with her, I was hesitated at first because it still early and the service proper is not starting yet but then I thought walking with her inside won’t not feel awkward than walking alone.

Anyway before the service proper there is announcement of church concerns, greetings to birthday celebrants that will celebrate their birthdays within a week and married couples that will be celebrating their anniversaries. When our Pastor asked if there is still someone who is celebrating  a birthday that he forgot to mention, my cousin pointed me and so I was greeted and our Pastor jokingly informed the congregation that I am mastering in veterinary majoring in cats hence my new family name is Catwill. The joke started when we arrived in town and our pastor was around and he saw me bringing a new kitten I picked from the street, I have been adopting abandon kittens for almost a year already.

Yellow Flower

The topic for this Sunday is about commitment to go, to give and pray.  Are we committed to go to church? Our Pastor set an example on how one person wanted to be visited at home and be invited before he can go to church. He said that we should’t not wait for us to be invited, we should go to church on our own because we are committed to go.  We are also should  be committed to return the blessings we received everyday so we are going to be bless even more, and be committed to pray because as God says “ask and it will be given to you”, “seek and you will find” and “knock and the door will be opened to you”. I felt blessed hearing those words from God and it add more hopes to my hopeless heart it feels like God is pushing me to keep going, I should continue asking and seeking Him because it will be given to me.

Commitment is a very strong word, being committed is being dedicated and loyal. If we are committed to someone we love we shouldn’t get tired and should not give up because that’s how commitment and love is.  We must have dedication, devotion, loyalty and faithfulness, we should be strong to overcome all the trials that comes along the way and just don’t give up easily, just how we are committed to love and serve the Lord.

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