A Day in Icheon

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I went to Icheon downtown yesterday to update my husband passbook and buy a bag of chicken. Luckily may T-money card has still load on it so I am able to use it when I took number 8 bus, I descend at Gwango-dong and then walk to KB star. After updating his passbook I walked at the shopping center to see what’s new, Tiny Winnie store was already closed and few men are reconstructing it, the last time we passed by the store the owners are boxing their items.

I went to Lotte Super before going to the bus stop near the World Mart, I bought bags of chicken, beans as well as vegetables like carrot and zucchini I have no more food to eat because I didn’t buy a lot when we shopped.  After shopping I went to the bus stop and while crossing the street number 8 bus came and I run as fast as I can, I was bit late because the bus door was already closed when I arrived gladly the bus driver saw me and he opened the door, I was still grasping for air while looking for my T-money card on my wallet.

It was a short but fun day in Icheon downtown.

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