A Day in Seoul

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Today is my husband’s birthday but we celebrated it yesterday when we went to Seoul to buy new lens for his DSLR camera, we ate in a Kazakhstan Restaurant that serves Kazakh and Russian food. Most of the food we ordered are Russian cuisine, anyway after our sumptuous meal we looked for A La Do a Russian Bakery but we already spend a lot of time looking for it we never found it so we decided to take the subway back to the bus terminal, better luck next time.

We are not able to get the current bus when we reached the platform the bus is already moving away, I felt embarrassed when my husband pointed out the long line to me . So we went at the back on the line but when a new bus arrived which is not going to Icheon the people moved to the bus and there’s a new line forming in Icheon platform so we transferred there but as the line is growing a not so old man caught are attention, saying that the old line is going to Icheon. Confusing huh? So we transfer again in the line and just on time a new bus to Icheon arrived.

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