A Not So Merry Christmas

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It was my first time to celebrate Christmas again in the Philippines after five years celebrating it in the air or in the airport. I was excited remembering how Christmas is celebrated before I left home, but I think I expected too much. I was disappointed, it is not the Christmas I remember not the atmosphere I am expecting.

Christmas Carollers

Like, I am expecting carollers at night when ber months started but it was almost Christmas can’t hear any single of them; it turns out carolling now a day required a permit to do so, to avoid scamming money from every households. It was a good intention but the season of giving is slowly fading, the love of Christmas is disappearing. Sometimes I wonder if Christmas was really like this in the heart of an adult, I mean did I overgrown Christmas? Because it seems children are the only one excited when Christmas comes, while parents are in deep thoughts where to get new clothes for them.

Christmas Gifts

I always go to church night before Christmas, was surprised when it was moved on 23rd rather than 24th it says to give quality time for the family to celebrate Christmas dinner. It was a rainy night, was not able to attend the service because of personal reasons, but went over when the second part started. It was a downer because even at the church there’s not so much preparation, they only hosted Christmas singing contest, unlike the old days there’s a Christmas concert, or re-enactment how Jesus was born and then when the contest was finished it was an exchange gift that I should say a disappointment too.

We prepared food for Christmas but maybe since it was raining nobody came around not until the morning.

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