A Sideline Fulltime Job Offer

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A friend had contacted me this morning asking if I want to work a sideline job, he operates a courier service in Tablas and he needs an operator. Answering queries from clients and working with the riders. Actually, beforehand we already joked him to hire us (his friends) when his business prosper in the island, so I guess that is why he offered me a sideline job.

We talked about the operation, the service charge and etc., then when I accepted it, he asked how about my job which I replied the service is still new so it is not to busy yet, not too many client requesting for riders so it will not be a problem since there will be no meeting yet in the office too and I seldom stayed inside the office as I run various errands outside. He then said, he wanted someone to work just from home, to focus in the operation since he has no office yet, which I replied that he is needing full time operator and not a sideline job, which made him laugh (lol) for his mistake.

In the end I declined the job, since he can’t figure out yet how much I am going to earn being an operator and what he need is actually a sideline fulltime (lol).

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