A super Bibo little girl

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Isn’t she cute?
The other night we went to VIPS again to dine in for dinner but this time here in Wangsimi where our hotel was. We both love steak and the unlimited salad bar of VIPS. I love the seafood and the yogurt ice cream the most.
We’re at the salad bar when a cute little girl is hanging around us, I ask her name she speak something but I can’t understand it. My hubby is getting his drink and this cute little girl point to and says Cola, my hubby ask her if she want him to try the cola and so on.,
We are already on our designated table when I noticed this cute little girl is walking and passing by around us, she’s going to smile when I caught her looking on our table. She will also look to my husband in the side of her eyes, I can’t count how many times she walk around there are times that she feel tired that she’s going to stop and grasp for air and smile. Maybe when she cannot resist anymore she went directly to our table and talk to us especially to my husband while she is playing with the light beside our table. It sounds she is telling a story or we just don’t know maybe she is introducing herself or asking us, we just smile to her and says we cannot understand even though we both don’t know if she understand us too. She is so cute especially when she giggle on her own jokes (I think). When I show her my camera she smile and posed (if you’re going to notice her hands), she is looking at my husband because he laughed when she posed in the front of the camera. She stayed with our table for few minutes until her mother came and get her. Her mom says “I’m sorry”we answered “It’s okay” it is really okay because we enjoy having a conversation with her cute kid, and the kid entertain us so much even we cannot understand each other. That’s the moment where my husband says he regret not learning Korean language., he regret that he cannot understand what the cute little girl is saying. Me too I hope I know what she is talking about., my husband thought afterwards while we are walking back to the hotel maybe I could study and learn Korean language.


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  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    cutie girl.. the pink jacket suit her complexion well.. ^^

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