A Weird Large Purple Crab in the Mud

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The other day while I am watering the plants and my mother and sister is having a group conversation with relatives about the recent crime that happened in our town, my male cousin started tinkering something in the irrigation field and I was called to take a picture of it by an uncle. It turns out it was an unknown specie of large purple crab. Nobody would like to touch it or prepared it as a good meal believing it is something should not be touch by human.

Purple Crab

My mother recalled that a long time ago when they went to a feast she also saw a large crab and was fascinated with it that she informed everyone and run after the crab and then afterwards she felt sick.

Anyway,  my cousin said he found the crab the other day and it always stay in the mud rather than the water, after taking photos of it we just let the crab wander in the muddy field.

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