Accident Prone for Being a Clumsy Person

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Clumsiness can be quite a challenge to deal with. I admit of being clumsy all the time knocking things over, spilling drinks, dropping food and tripping and stumbling over almost anything. There are times I hurt myself because of my clumsiness like the other night I accidentally had a painful split lesson. I accidentally stumble on our printers power adapter, I lose my balance and slid. I fell on my left knee while the other is stretch upfront it was like I am splitting. I hurriedly jump into the bed after accident mending my painful knee and waist sometimes I wish there’s foam sheets from Foam Factory installed in our floor so I won’t get hurt every time I stumble over.


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I am expecting my husband will laugh on me but he was in shocked and probably feel bad when I roll in the bed shouting in pain. When he eventually realized what happened and I felt a little calm the teasing started, asking me for rein-enactment.

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