Adopting a Homeless Female Cat

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There is a new member in our family; it is female cat that I temporarily called “Sam or Sammie” short for “Sampot” a local dialect for someone who just came by without noticed. I have first saw her one night I am washing the pet dishes, I have heard a cat crying and when I’ve asked my mother about it she pointed out it was our orange kitten. It was a bit raining that night, then suddenly someone flash a light into me which surprised me so I shout out of fear, it was our younger cousin picking red pepper at night and when he came nearby I have asked for his light so we could check the corner where I have heard  a cat crying and there we found “Sammie” who’s a bit soak in the rain, I gave her food and  she disappeared the next morning and then showed up again the next night and then she started staying in our house even during the day.

Homeless Female Cat

One day she is out of sight after hearing a cat-fight the previous night, she didn’t came home for a day and the next morning I woke up I have heard a cat crying near the irrigation canal and when I look around I found “Sammie” in top of the acacia tree so I called her and she went down before I can find a post to poke her down. Since then she’s been in our home for almost a few weeks, she was a bit sick with colds maybe because from being homeless from unknown period.

Sammie has a color resemblance to “Dongsu” the cat we rescued from the tree and her tail was also the same with Dongsu’s sister, we are thinking they are related; they are either siblings or have mother and son relationship.

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