Affordable Clothes for your Dogs

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Dog clothes was first seen on military or police dogs until such time it became popular to pet owners and became part of their fashion. Many pet owners want their dogs to be miniature version of themselves, they sometimes wore same clothing and accessories which can be bought on pet designer stores. There are many different outfits and costumes to different types of dog and knowing which one will fit to your dog can be a challenge. You have to decide if the clothing is for practical purposes or purely to make your dog look fashionable.

Affordable Dog Clothes

Dog clothes is not somehow popular in our city probably because only those who can afford buy clothes for their dog from pet stores. Mostly dog wearing clothes can be normally seen on movies and televisions, my mother and sister wanted Jihoo to be in fashion and trend like those dogs so  they find alternative way for him that won’t cost a lot or cut our budget. What they do is they bought baby clothes in a thrift store and voila Jihoo has its own clothes that he could wear anytime of the day, the clothes they bought in a thrift store is costly as low as P5.00 or  $0.11.

Well you should know that dog clothes can protect your dog from scratches, cuts and bad weather. Clothes can help them dry and warm during cold season. If you want your dog to be in fashion but no budget for it visit a thrift store in your place where you can find affordable small clothes that could fit your dog.

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