Afternoon Snack for the Family: Camote Cue

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One of the popular snack foods in the Philippines that you can also find being sold in the street during the afternoon is Camote cue, deep fried sweet potatoes with caramelized sugar which is either white or brown sugar.

During the afternoon, there is someone selling snacks around the neighbourhood but there are days that she failed to show up so we decided to prepare our own afternoon snack. We bought sweet potatoes in the public market when it was market day; it is a day where most farmers are selling their fresh crops and vegetables in cheap prices.

Sweet potatoes are sold per heap or pile, each pile cost P20.00. So much cheaper than being sold in Korea eh, when we are living in Korea we always buy sweet potatoes when we shopped because it is part of my husband’s diet food and it normally cost around P200-300 pesos per small bag.


Sweet potatoes, brown or white sugar and oil

Cooking camote is very simple like how simple the ingredients are, you just need to peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into small round pieces and deep fried them and when they are little brown add some sugar and mixed them carefully and cooked them until the sugar is caramelized. It was best to serve with cold soft drinks to drink.

Tip: Banana Cue is cooked the same way!

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