Al Saba Restaurant: Persian or Indian/Pakistan Restaurant?

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When we went to Bangladesh Embassy last Thursday we saw this restaurant at the other side  of the street where we are walking, what caught our attention is the word “Persian” so  Pookie bear told me we are going to eat on this place on Saturday which is today after our appointment with Doctor Kim.

When our ordered was served Pookie bear says it looks like Pakistan/Indian cuisine, even though I already ate these kind of cuisine I didn’t mind it because I don’t know what is Persian cuisine. Well tonight I have read one comment from Va, she also says it doesn’t looks like Persian cuisine but Pakistan so I’ve visited the link she left and she was right. Darn, it is a honest mistake. Look at the picture above “Al Saba Persian Carpet” if you read those words what will come to your mind? Persian cuisine isn’t it? Most of the restaurant put their cuisine after its name…
not their interior decoration. Yes, it was funny when I review my photo taken inside the restaurant Pookie bear and Va maybe right it is really an Indian/Pakistan restaurant. Why? Darn maybe the “Persian carpet ” means with their carpet and  their interior design. Hahaha, a honest mistake isn’t it? Anyway I also don’t know how Persian interior design looks like, so I am lost. Mr. Google might help me.
I am thinking too maybe the owner just put “Persian” to attract customers because there are a lot of Indian/Pakistan restaurant around the vicinity which means there is a tough competition.
Anyway to be sure I searched about this restaurant online which I need to do first before blogging about it, right? Anyway here’s what I found, Al Saba means “Morning Light” and it is really an Indian/Pakistan Restaurant and it also has a carpet shop connected with the restaurant. Lol, that’s unique.  You can read more details here. I did not see the carpet shop.  What makes me wonder  why they put the name of the restaurant and the carpet shop together? Business strategy, isn’t it? Or the carpet shop named is “Al Saba Persian Carpet” and it is different from “Al Saba Restaurant”. Just kind of confusing if it was your first time to visit the place because “Al Saba with Persian Carpet” is more noticeable. And it is the same place as you can see at the above photo there’s another room but it has also table and chairs. All I can say I did not see a carpet shop. I’ll try to look again on Tuesday when I return to Seoul.

Thanks Va for being my critic, it thought me to be more careful even though this is just a personal blog. Hehe

3 Responses to “Al Saba Restaurant: Persian or Indian/Pakistan Restaurant?”

  1. va says:

    Hi ,

    I hope you didn't take offense with me just pointing out that the restaurant wasn't Persian . I just wanted to help , not to be taken negatively at all . Some comments can be taken in the wrong sense at times so I just thought I should tell you . Maybe you could ask the restaurant why they have the Persian name .

    Thank you ! I like your blog by the way .


  2. RyHeAnNe says:

    Hi Va, no problem. I understand and it's my fault I did not review it. (Hehe) Just wanna say thank you for the help. We are really hooked with the word "Persian" so for the change we want to try something new. Anyway we both love Indian/Pakistan cuisine but if we both know it is not Persian we would love to go to Indian/Pakistan restaurant who served buffet instead because it is eat all you can. Hehehe

    I guess the Persian name refers to the carpet shop, but when we saw it from the distance we didn't noticed that they have two businesses (lol). Because when we get there we just went inside the door.

    Thanks this is just a mixed up blog. ^_^

  3. va says:

    I see no problem , at all ! I realize this is your personal blog but just wanted to point that out because I have eaten at Persian and Indian cuisines too .

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