Alumni Event in Shinha Elementary School

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When I wake up this morning I heard a loud sound coming from the school nearby so when I went to the bathroom to pee I opened the window and peep and saw that there are some tents in the school playground of Shinha Elementary School. It looks like they are celebrating an affair,  I have no plan of checking what is it, I already took some photos from hallway and I think those are enough.

Shinha Elementary School

When my husband wake up blurted that he needs to listen to the loud music the whole day and tease me to check it because he said I am nosy, I didn’t listen and told him that I am not interested though there’s something on me that saying I have to take pictures. Well it happens that we have no toothpaste anymore so I went out and before going to Nonghyup Supermarket near Shinha Elementary School I took some pictures first at the gate.

Shinha Elementary School

I saw some men wearing an orange shirt probably their uniform, I didn’t walk further anymore I just zoomed my camera and took pictures of the tent, I was a bit shy for being nosy. Haha

Shinha Elementary School

When I translate 신히조등학교 종동문 it turns out they are celebrating alumni, I am not sure but it looks like it was alumni of male students.

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