Am I busy or just feeling busy?

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I feel so busy today even we don’t have a gym schedule, Pookie bear rescheduled it he went to the gym last Sunday thirty minutes (30) after I wake up so I didn’t go with him and he is pushing me to go today but I didn’t go. Back to being busy I don’t know if I just feel that I am busy or I am really busy. 
Today when Pookie bear went to school we found out that  the constant movement upwards is our neighbor packing their things because when he opened the door there’s a track full of house things, they even put the bike on our door so when Pookie bear opened the door, the bike slammed on the floor. The Korean guy who’s busy arranging things in the truck says “Whoahh aahh”. 
I went back to sleep and sleep for more one hour when I heard someone press the intercom in our apartment, I didn’t open the door. I already have a phobia opening the door because every time I opened it bible tampers., so I went back to sleep and as expected I had weird dreams again, I always dreaming of climbing to something e.g rocks and I always cannot make it to the top and when I wake up I am very tired.

Aside from being busy in house hold chores I am also busy tweaking my other blog, I decided to make it  as Foodie blog. So if you have time please visit Herz Corner.

3 Responses to “Am I busy or just feeling busy?”

  1. sarah says:

    hahaha. sometimes i also feel that way. i felt so stressed out but there was nothing to do, i'm not busy but then i felt like one. this hormones?!

  2. chubskulit says:

    buti pa itong maybahay dito magaling magtweak hehehe… Love the design.

  3. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    kagagaling ko lang dito sis i love your header ang cute

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